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Earlier this week ThinkProgress gleefully announced  some really great news as they reported on yet another usurpation of the Constitution by the Obama administration. This time it’s Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD – which constitutionally shouldn’t exist) turn to impose illegal regulations.

Their target is homeless shelters. Yes – homeless shelters – many of which are not even run by state or local governments, but by religious charities.

It seems homeless shelters all across these United States are discriminating against a certain group of people. I wonder if you can guess which group? I’ll give you a hint – even two.

Hints: It’s all the rage today and Bruce Jenner. You are correct. ThinkProgress is reporting that our federal government wants to protect “transgender individuals from discrimination by homeless shelters. The thought of ensuring that transgender people can find shelter if they need it has enraged many conservatives.”

Has it really? We evil conservatives are angry over homeless transgenders and wish to bar their entrance to homeless shelters. Really?

How many homeless transgenders are there anyway – and if they are homeless, where on earth did they scrape up the coin to get reassignment surgery? Maybe that’s how they all ended up homeless. They spent all their money on the surgery. Or could it be that all these transgenders merely “identify” as women (or men, but mostly women). That’s more likely.

And apparently the “special” civil rights of transgenders are being abridged. To solve this, the new regulations will allow anyone to stay in the shelter of their choice based on the gender they “identify” with. Well, I don’t see a problem with that – do you?

ThinkProgress writes that the spoke to the president of the American Family Association (AFA), one Tim Wildmon, 5414974_origregarding the impending HUD regulations do to be finalized in September. Evidently, Mr. Wildmon does see a problem. Go figure. ThinkProgress also goes out of their way to classify the AFA as an anti-LGBT hate group. But I suppose any organization who disagrees with the radical left on anything is a hate group. That’s the Alinsky way.

“Wildmon complained that everyone else will be made uncomfortable and unsafe if room is made at shelters for the ‘sexually confused.’”

What ThinkProgress and our government doesn’t get (or does and doesn’t care) is that predators are neither “sexually confused” or stupid – as a Gospel Rescue Mission guest overheard someone on the street say, “Dude, if you go down to the rescue mission and tell them your transgender, you can sleep in the women’s dorm and even shower with them.”

But fear not all homeless females and minors. HUD is on the case as are all federal government departments. The new mandate, “contains provisions for making case-by-case determinations to ensure the health and safety of shelters.” ThinkProgress writes that the policy explicitly ensures that, “Nothing in this proposed rule is meant to prevent necessary and appropriate steps to address any fraudulent attempts to access services were legitimate safety concerns that may arise in any shelter.”

Yes – our one-size-fits-all federal government will make case-by-case determinations, because they excel at that – and correct me if I am wrong, but if safety concerns arise, that would mean something has already happened to cause the concern. By then, it is too late to prevent it. I know – knock it off with the logic. We’re talking transgender feelings!

And can you say federal lawsuit? Because of this ridiculous overreach by the feds, missions and shelters will be left in a no-win position. If they do allow all supposedly transgender people in, there will surely be incidences of abuse. You can bet on it. But if they refuse entry – the slighted she-male will run directly to the nearest HUD government office crying discrimination and the feds will file suit against the shelter. You can bet on that also.

Unlike the Clinton Foundation, these charities have zero dollars to defend themselves, so they would be forced to accept everyone – which will garner them the reputation of being the predator shelter and close down. Either way – there will be no more homeless shelter – all due to the “special” civil rights of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the population – homeless transgenders.

But hey – you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet – or advance the agenda. And, as usual, that’s what it’s really all about.

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