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We’ve heard it throughout the presidential campaign – that Republicans are racists – conservatives are racists – anyone who dares speak up or speak out against the myth that America is a racist nation.

Are there racists in America? You bet there are, and I’ll lay you odds that there are more racist blacks today per capita than there are whites. But we’re not allowed to say things like that. This is too controversial and may cause leftists to go weak in the knees and tremble in fear.

There is nowhere in this great country of ours where the fantasy of racial injustice is more prevalent than America’s college campuses.

This has become typical of the new University experience today. Practically everyday on some college campus there are one or more demonstrations, sit-ins, walk-outs or protests, bemoaning the fate of some minority group.

Being that discrimination is apparently so commonplace, one would think it would be easy to find instance after instance of these violations. That seems reasonable, does it not?


So why then do we keep hearing accounts of supposed “victims” of racial injustice – only to find out later that the horror stories they tell are complete lies, or at best, greatly embellished?

The reported  that, “A black woman studying at Villanova University was attacked by a group of white men chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” on campus Thursday night. The unnamed woman was walking through a SEPTA tunnel on campus — which is located north of Philadelphia in the township of Radnor — when the men attacked her. Chanting the name of the president-elect, the men knocked the woman down, causing her to strike her head on the pavement. Her current condition is unknown and the names of the attackers have not been revealed.”

Wow – that sounds like she was really injured. One of her friends said the victim “suffered nausea, vomiting and dizziness afterward,” but there is no evidence of a hospital or doctors’ visit. Huh. You would think she’d be under observation for a concussion, at the very least.

But no matter. Villanova still felt compelled to issue a knee-jerk statement which read that the school “finds this conduct deplorable and considers this racist behavior that runs completely counter to our values,” and Villanova president Rev. Peter M. Donohue said in a separate statement that he is “deeply disturbed by several reports of members of our community using our nation’s political process as a justification for behaviors and language aimed to intimidate or humiliate other people.”

Wow – this does sound serious – certainly enough to warrant statements from the school and the president. And as these are evidently highly educated and thoughtful academics, they must have concrete proof of wrong-doing.


Think again.

On November 23rd, the College Fix reported that inexplicably, “The victim in this case has informed Radnor police that at this time she does not wish to pursue this matter any further,” Lt. Andy Block said. “We’re going to keep a case file on it. If she changes her mind, we’ll absolutely investigate it.”

What do think the odds of her “changing her mind are?” I’d say about 0%.

Still, the University has decided to continue to investigate, because everyone’s default position is that the accounting the poor female minority student gave must be true, and we all know that Trump supporters would surely do such a thing, because – you know – they are all racists.

The College Fix decided to follow up  on the tragic tale of racism, only to report on December 3rd, just last Saturday, that Villanova has quietly dropped it’s investigation of the “incident.” University spokesman Jonathan Gust said they are not sure why the “victim” no longer wished to cooperate and declined to answer whether they knew who the attackers were.

“We’re not going to speculate on what occurred,” he said, but of course felt compelled to add that the closure of the investigation “does not diminish the concerns and discussions that have taken place on campus, as they have in many places throughout the country, and that have led to some important dialogue on campus,” Gust said.

What important dialogue? How to better make up stories of fake racism? I’ll bet you dollars to donuts (h/t: my old football/wrestling coach) that this story was wholly concocted and the University figured it out, but doesn’t dare admit it, as it would damage the advance of their phony “racial injustice” narrative.

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