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Social media have become a tool of terrorism as we continue to fight World War III: Be sure it is happening now. Unlike previous wars this one is fought by the people as this enemy prefers a home front to battlefield front.


ISIS saying they are trying to attract America to the battlefield is like Hillary saying she was glad Donald Trump was nominated. Amazingly, the Islamic plan for conquest is published! It is the bible of one of the world’s largest “religions,” Islam, and the book is known as “The Holy Qur’an” and it certainly does not read like “a religion of peace.” Sorry, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, John Kerry, et al.


You can get a copy of the Qur’an free on the Internet and you will learn it is not only a religious document, but a plan for domination of the people of the world. “Kill the Infidel…” is frequently seen in the Qur’an and there are many other such admonitions instructing the faithful to aggression in their war of world domination.


The Qur’an instructs the faithful never to pay interest, “…tell the infidel what he wants to hear,” and other such anti-western, anti-social, war, economic and social aggressions including, “…make them bow down to the prophet or kill them.” Their “Shariah” law declares women are chattel that may be beaten for any, or no reason, to submission. Women are not to be educated. They may not go out in public unless they are totally covered and accompanied by a male, blood relative. Women may not drive automobiles under Sharia Law, but liberals cannot bring themselves to say this is a culture not only not worth preserving and well worth outlawing.


If a Islamic woman is raped and complains to authorities she must produce four unrelated male witnesses to the attack or suffer the penalty of death by stoning or beheading for having made the accusation.


That Islam is dignified by the west and classified as a religion is one of the world’s great mysteries.


It is an anti-social, anti-faith, anti-nation, anti-intellectual philosophy of despotism, acquisition of power and conquest worthy of elimination; not polite consideration.


The Obama policy with regard to this culture stems from his youth as “that poor little black boy abandoned by his mother, left to his grandparents.” Barack became a professional victim. He perfected a soulful act riding it to and through Occidental College, as a foreign, Indonesian citizen, then Columbia and finally Harvard Law and all the way through his Illinois U.S. Senatorial campaign against Dr. Alan Keyes, stating, “I was born in Kenya” on several YOU TUBE videos still milking his “victim” act.


George Soros, and other dark side men, apparently thought he could be useful and supported him early on. These men are deep planners with very deep pockets and even deeper, darker intentions.


The power brokers on the dark side have long controlled the major media, print newspapers and magazines that controlled what we thought. That day is gone as Mr. Trump showed so well. He presently has millions of followers on social media and that number will mushroom if he continues to use it as President. He can be days ahead of the old line media people while their committees argue over what to say we should think.


Some newspapers and national networks have recently suffered declines in readers and viewers of 24% this last year. How many years can they have this happen? We have entered a new era in American politics and Mr. Trump has all the tools he needs to answer the question, “Can New Media Tell?”


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