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Democrats created the mantra, “Democrats are for the poor, Republicans are for the rich.”

Democrat class warfare is the lie on which their party rests their foundation

Democrats say they want the government to end corporate welfare.  That’s actually very amusing since Democrats invented it!  Those subsidies they say rich corporations are unjustly given, and those “tax loopholes” they say rich people unfairly take advantage of, and those rich lobbyists they say corrupt government to give their masters taxpayer money, they were all created by rich Democrats during the 20th century.  Democrat’s demagoguery says, “Tax cuts are for the rich, Republicans will make the Middle Class pay for them,” and “People are going to pay more in taxes and die poor!”  Utah’s Republican Senator Orrin Hatch chastised a Democrat who was trying to demagogue tax cuts, but he didn’t go far enough.  Democrats don’t just lie about how tax cuts will hurt the Middle Class.  They lie about not having their own rich donor class for whom they are working to give them tax breaks and corporate welfare.  Look at companies like Solyndra!  Democrats don’t fight against the rich.  They ARE the rich!  There are more rich Democrats in Congress than Republicans even though Republicans are the majority.  They just want the money for their rich donors rather than Republicans prospering.  They want to keep their gravy train going.  Obama gave them trillions in borrowed taxpayer money and they never want that to stop.  For eight years the only reason that Wall Street grew under Democrats is because Obama gave them $800B in stimulus every year!

Democrats have always siphoned money from successful businesses to their friends’ crappy businesses.  The Freon fraud was their greatest success in which they put the best refrigerant out of business via the global warming fraud and passed laws to require a worthless Democrat refrigerant.  They tried to do it to coal and oil saying wind and solar can power our nation – as if!  Neither should corporations should be taxed unfairly and then be given subsidies to offset them.  This sleight of hand needs to end!  Don’t give with one hand and take with the other so you can claim you are “punishing their greed.”  Our businesses need the wealth they create so they can grow.  When corporations keep more money, just like individuals and families, they grow more and create more jobs, more people prosper, and there are more taxpayers to grow the tax base.  This was proven under Reagan and the Left has lied about how poor America became under so-called “trickle-down” economics.  Look at life thirty years ago and look today.  Those cellphones, HDTVs, cable, Internet, computers, and luxuries that Americans enjoy didn’t come about because the people are poorer.  Only a fool would believe the rich got richer and the Middle Class languished.

Now, thanks to Obama, corrupt blue states that squander their taxpayer’s money receive federal welfare for their state income taxes.  Obama made it so red states paid to support the corrupt Democrats of foolish blue states.  That needs to end!  If Republican voters in those states suffer and turn to vote Democrat what are they going to hurt?  Move to a red state or convince the Democrats in your state to turn away from socialism.  Socialism is only for the elites to steal wealth from the people.  Being duped into believing they are doing it for the benefit of the poor who only get poorer in their states is just dumb.  Ending corruption begins at home.  Stop Democrats from borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.  Crush the Democrat’s propaganda machine and defeat them at the ballot box and America will prosper as it did under Reagan and Gingrich.

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