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“Get in their faces” the Obama way!  Liberals close their ears to the truth.

Leftists are saying they don’t want people to talk to their friends and relatives about politics this Thanksgiving.  Like that’s going to happen because they tell us so!  Now that we are exposing liberalism to the light in all its ugliness the leftist media wants people to keep their mouths shut over the holidays.  They don’t want liberals to hear the truths being exposed by FOX News and Rush Limbaugh that the Left won’t report.  God forbid people learn that FNN and PMSNBC and the rest lie or dissemble, obfuscate or conceal the truth.

Poll Pushes to Shut You Up at Thanksgiving

(Don’t) talk about:

  • Trump improving the economy just by being elected and undoing Obama’s illegal executive regulations that crushed business.
  • Hillary being the one who has been colluding with Russia
  • ObamaCare having GOP RINO support to make Obama’s illegal mandates into law
  • Tax Reform being blocked by RINOs like McCain and Flake who will hopefully be toast in their re-election bids
  • Liberal Sex Predators flooding the news including Sen. Al Franken
  • False Accusers of Republicans trying to brand the Right as being the same as but worse than the Left
  • The NFL pissing on patriots by promoting America hate in its ranks
  • The Wall being blocked by Democrats and RINOs
  • Racism being the false flag of leftist communism
  • Welfare for both corporations and states being called tax increases on Republicans in New York and California

What matter if Republican voters in New York and California, the two states where the government confiscates more in taxes from the people than any other to support Democrat corruption, have to pay more in taxes?  If they change their votes to endorse their Democrat masters who are stealing their wealth their states will still remain under Democrat control.  Until Democrats stop supporting their thieving state legislatures nothing will change.  The rest of the nation should not be paying more than their fair share of taxes to support this Democrat state welfare fraud.  Democrats are the reason we have had debilitating recessions and depressions of the economy for the last century because of their confiscatory taxation policies.  They are the reason America’s culture has deteriorated in the last fifty years.

Democrats are the reason:

  • America’s economy and energy are languishing
  • Foreigners, criminals, and terrorists are invading our country
  • Cops are being assassinated
  • Free speech events are being attacked by Nazi thugs
  • There have been race riots
  • Tax reform isn’t happening
  • Washington is ultra-corrupt

Liberal Lemmings and the Follower Mentality

TALK ABOUT Hillary’s corruption!

TALK ABOUT Democrat sexual predators!


TALK ABOUT Fake news!

TALK ABOUT False accusations of Trump and Moore!

TALK ABOUT Liberal fascism and hate!

TALK ABOUT leftist lies and propaganda

TALK ABOUT Antifa Nazis pretending to fight fascism

TALK ABOUT black racism in the ultra-rich NFL

TALK ABOUT black crime spree murders in Chicago

TALK ABOUT how Obama put men in women’s bathrooms

America needs to talk about how the Left has corrupted the nation and how Trump, the man elected to lead the greatest nation in history out of the toilet into which Democrats are trying to flush the Constitution, is being blocked by the RINO allies of Democrats in their effort to keep their corrupt gravy train and derail the Trump Train.  The Left is the party of slavery, oppression, and taxation, and they must be turned back.  Young liberals must be taught that socialism does not benefit, but destroys.  Only by educating our ignorant youth will America turn back from the edge of the cliff over which liberal lemmings want the people to jump.

The Swamp Rats attempt to Drown Moore over False Allegations

American Fascists – The Liberal Progressive Democrat Socialist Movement

Hillary Clinton says she is above the law


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