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Today terror struck again into the hearts of Americans when a known person to the FBI watch list shot up a club in Orlando.  He attended a mosque that preached about killing “gays” and his father is a known Taliban supporter.  His duties here in the states are to smuggle illegal aliens into our country.

Today it wasn’t about Christian, atheist, gay or straight.  It was about an attack on Americans.  It requires more than sensitivity.  There needs to be some sensitivity to the victims of the attack, which is being given nationwide and in the very long line to donate blood to those in need.  But among the sensitivity, sadness, hurt and anger is a call once again to draw attention to something Donald Trump said on Twitter.

“Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!”

Some are calling this inappropriate this close to the event.  Was it too early for Hillary Clinton to acclaim Muslims as a peaceful people?  Was it too early for Obama to attribute the attack to the absence of gun regulation?  Not many are conveying that message.

It is my conviction that we need more blunt statements like this one from more people.  Call out the leaders of this country on a vast and broad scale.  Proclaim their failure to protect us, to stop the spread of terror, failure to deport and failure to prevent illegal aliens from coming into this country.  It isnt about party, person, race, gay or straight.  It is about America and her people!  None of us, no matter what we are like or where we come from deserved to be gunned down in bloody violence from a terrorist.

So whether it be Trump or Simon Cowell I weclome the “I told you so” calls to confront the inability of our leaders to affect the necessary change to protect ALL Americans.



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