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Happy Ramadan!

While we have recently witnessed Muslim students across America walk out of schools, because they don’t want to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, one Muslim man killed 50 people in Orlando, Florida and wounded 53 others, around 2am Sunday at the Pulse Club, before being shot himself.

Omar Mateen shouted, “Allahu Akbar,” while shooting off his legally acquired rifle and handgun, called authorities and pledged his allegiance to the head of ISIS.

Hillary Clinton tweeted about Islam being a “peaceful religion,” Donald Trump wants to know when America is going to wake up to reality and President Obama is more worried about calling this a ‘hate crime’ and blaming our 2nd Amendment for the problems.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>&quot;Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.&quot;</p>&mdash; Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) <a href=”″>November 19, 2015</a></blockquote>
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This is the worst mass shooting in American history and another man was arrested with weapons in California, on his way to the Gay Pride Parade there.

Omar has been on the FBI radar, since 2013, was interviewed again in 2014, because of ties to known terrorists, but no charges were ever filed against him, so in the meanwhile, he worked for a national security company and purchased his weapons of choice just last week.  Born in NY, he lived in Port Saint Lucie, FL, his parents are from Afghanistan and yes, fifty people are dead with probably more in the hospital to follow, because of their injuries.

A Muslim cleric stepped up to the podium on national and worldwide television from Orlando to ask for “calm.” Over some 100 arrests have been made by the FBI, regarding planned terrorist attacks on American citizens, over the past year and as of today, some 900 people in all 50 states are being monitored.

Do you feel safer now America, than you did eight years ago? Who are you going to vote for in November?


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