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Democrats are in total panic watching Hillary’s poll numbers going down steadily over the last two weeks. It’s gonna’ get worse! The bombings over the weekend just gave them another headache.

Donald Trump is a Republican who dares solicit votes in the Black precincts. Barack Obama got 93+% percent there twice; Hillary is currently only polling in the 70s. Just imagine what it will do to the Democrat stronghold on Blacks if they listen to Trump and realize how bad things have become in the Black neighborhoods thanks mostly to local Democrat leaders.

Black moms in the urban areas are afraid for their kids’ safety with bullets flying. Trump wants to support the cops and restore law and order. The national police union just endorsed him.

Black mothers are very concerned about their child’s education. The teachers’ union controls the politicians, and the politicians are delivering under performing schools and teachers and education to their children. Trump wants to give them a voucher so they can take their child to any school they want. They no longer are going to be forced to send their schools to the failing school in their community.

The good jobs have all left the Black urban communities and moved to China and Mexico. Trump points out that the NAFTA trade bill signed into law by Bill Clinton is largely responsible. It freely allows our factories to re-locate to foreign countries and hire foreign workers to make the goods. They then send the goods back here to sell. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is another bill like NAFTA.  The TPP will destroy jobs in this country as it makes it easier for foreign countries to sell their goods here at lower prices because of lower wage rates paid to their employees. More factories will close up to move where those cheaper laborers are so they can make their goods cheaper also. Trump wants to stop the TPP and wants to put tariffs on goods coming to this country from these foreign countries to balance out the prices to protect our workers. Hillary was once for TPP before the politics got too hot and she turned against it. She will turn again if she wins.

The Democrats scream that putting a tariff on imports will start a trade war. Now I ask you, is it more important to us that we are able to buy those cheap goods made in China without oversight to protect our patents and health; OR, for them to sell it to us? When we don’t buy their goods, the factories in China and Mexico will close up. These countries will want to bargain with us in good faith hopefully to prevent that.

Hispanics voted Democrat 70% in the last two presidential elections. Mostly I think because Republicans have been successfully painted as racists and immigrant haters by the Dems and their subservient media. But, for the most part, Hispanics are Catholic. They believe in God and don’t like murdering babies in the womb, or immediately after birth to salvage their body parts. They are hard working family people. While they don’t want their parents or grandparents deported because they came here illegally many years ago to work and raise their families, they really don’t like all the illegals poring across the border and competing for their jobs. This pushes already low pay even lower.

Sooner or later the Republicans will wise up and come up with a realistic immigration policy and expose the Democrat liberal philosophy as being opposed to almost everything the Hispanic population holds dear. The Dems will rue the day they fought to bring in as many illegals as possible and get them registered to vote when they all turn Republican!

If the Democrats lose half the Black and Hispanic votes they currently get without working for, they are finished as a political party. Trump will start that process as he will deliver improving conditions in the Black inner-city neighborhoods, and close the borders.

Trump should remind voters that Barack Obama continues bringing in thousands of undocumented Muslim refugees from areas spawning terrorists.  Then he could point out that Hillary wants to expand the number admitted. Who will volunteer to move in these refugees next door?


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