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Leftist ideology has gone mainstream in the Democrat Party:

  • FREE college and K-12 education
  • FREE healthcare
  • FREE money as “universal income”
  • FREE entry into the USA
  • FREE rights to take all the benefits for which American citizens work and sacrifice because “everybody in the world is an American.”

Democrats believe that giving away hard-working American’s prosperity to deadbeats and foreigners will get them elected back into power.  They believe America is a nation of immigrants rather than a nation of citizens who allow some immigrants into the country legally.  They are catering to parasites, pandering to thieves to steal for them so their voters don’t have to risk being shot by homeowners, business owners, or arrested by police and put in prison.  It’s so much easier to have the government steal it for you and give you a piece of the action.  Tell me again how socialism is economically “fair for all” when the leftist Democrats would make tax slaves of working people?  Only ignorant liberals lacking any knowledge of economics, history, sociology, or math believe this is a good idea.

Sanders and Cortez on campaign

Bernie Sanders is campaigning with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez singing the praises of socialism, the ideology of leftists throughout history.  They believe the wealthy owe the rest of Americans their wealth.  They believe they can tax the people’s way to prosperity.  This ignores history, economics, and math of the past century when every time Democrats raised taxes to confiscate wealth the nation went into depressions.  It happened under Wilson, the nation was crushed under FDR, they tried it again under Carter, and succeeded even better under Obama.

Liberals are told that economic depressions are due to Republican greed, that the crashing of the Stock Market and hoarding of wealth by businessman is what causes depressions.  Even an elementary understanding of business and taxes proves this to be a lie.  Businessmen go into business to make more money than they can by working for someone else.  They have the ideas, the leadership, and the drive to make a business grow.  When government decides to confiscate their wealth is when they hunker down to save their income.

After all, they didn’t start a business to be a charity for those who don’t work for them.  They pay wages and benefits to those who do, and those are the people that Democrats target with their high taxes.  To Democrats, people who acquire wealth are the greedy rich.  Business owners will save where they can when Democrat’s take their money and the working people are the ones who pay the price.  Democrat voters want a piece of that wealth to be shared with them but don’t want to work for it making liberalism the ideology of greed and envy.

Throughout history, America and those nations that embrace socialism prove that the difference between capitalism and socialism is stark.  Nations practicing capitalism become wealthy and grow a middle class.  Those that adopt socialism watch their wealth go into the bank accounts of their government.  This reality is constantly ignored by leftists who always promote their ideology through their lies that they would be the ones to share the wealth, and gullible liberals believe them.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

Democrats promise FREE stuff!

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), leader of the Democrats in Congress, believes illegal immigrants improve the economy, which is why they don’t want them deported.  But importing cheap labor illegally is nothing compared to giving them the right to vote over the rights of American citizens.  The Democrat’s illegal ballot box stuffing gives their states like California and New York millions of additional votes.  That’s why they want the Electoral College eliminated so their illegal votes will count for more than the states that obey the law.  So their promise of free stuff begins with giving illegals freebies from American taxpayers beginning with free jobs and a tax free wage and the right to vote for more.

Leftist Democrats have said the stupidest things that their lackwit constituents believe, such as Pelosi saying, “For every dollar paid in unemployment two are added to the economy.”  So how does taking a dollar from a working person and giving it to someone who doesn’t work add two to the economy?  Well that’s easy math for a liberal.  The person making the dollar turns it over to the government.  The government gives it to a deadbeat “adding” one dollar to the economy, and the deadbeat who then spends it “adds” that dollar to the economy.  (The only thing surprising in this liberal math is that she didn’t count the dollar when it was made by the taxpayer from whom she took it!)

But Democrats do not believe the money people make at their jobs belongs to the working people who earned it or the business owner that produced it.

“If you have a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else (i.e. the government) made that happen.” – Barack Hussein Obama and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

This is the kind of stupidity that Americans are up against.  These self-entitled liberals believe government rules over people who create businesses.  They believe they built the roads and the schools and the fire/police protections these people enjoy with money they “produced.” This completely ignores the truth of from where government gets money.  Liberals believe government just prints it for fun.  That’s why they believe everyone can be given an income from government funds.  This is the pinnacle liberal stupidity and ignorance.

Government money explained

So, from where does government get money?  The federal printing presses?  Liberals believe the dollar bills in your pocket are Monopoly money given away by the government and that they have value.  The value in a dollar comes from the labor of those who work to make it!  This is a basic economic fact that these idiot liberals do not understand.  They have not had any education of how business or economics work, or even in working for a living.  They have been raised as deadbeats by mothers and fathers who tried to be their friends rather than their parents.  They have not been taught the value of working for pay, but believe they are entitled to be given everything.

“He who does not teach his son a trade, teaches him to steal.” – Rabbi Yehuda

For example, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the new communist glory child of the left, says that she wants a country where everyone is entitled to a “free” college education just like the “free” K-12 education everyone receives.  This glittering jewel of colossal ignorance has no idea how K-12 education is paid for.  She thinks government “gives” it to people.  Does this idiot think teachers are slaves and schools are built for free?  Does she think electricity and water serve these schools for free?  Does she think everything government provides is FREE?

This Millennial moron has no concept, no clue, no understanding whatsoever of what taxes are or how they work!  She learned at the altar of galactic stupidity as taught by Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.  When you learn at the feet of liars, deceivers, con-artists, and thieves, no one will sympathize for you when you wonder why they walk all over you.

Here’s your first clue: Government takes taxes from the pay of those who make money.  Apparently, liberals never learned that lesson or understand that the only two things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes.  Schools were not built for free, your parents paid for them!  Property taxes pay for schools, teacher’s salaries, electricity, maintenance, books, and everything that goes into a school.  Do these liberal children think schools get all their money from government charity?  This is the quality of education when the system is run by Democrats.

Democrat pandering

Along with the promise by the blithering idiot Cortez, who thinks unemployment is based on people having two jobs and working longer hours, Bernie Sanders says everyone should get free Medicare.  Socialism promises free healthcare, but how does socialism provide it?  Medicare isn’t free.  Working people pay taxes to provide it!  From where do these fools think the money for Social Security comes?  Have they never wondered what FICA taxes are, or are they just so out of touch with reality because they’ve never bothered to work a job?

Obama parrots the stupidity of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez saying there should be a “universal income” for all people in America.  That includes illegals to whom they already give taxpayer benefits even though they don’t pay taxes.  Where will that money come from?  Even taxing all the wealth away from every business and his business will not be enough.  Democrats have threatened to confiscate 401ks from those who have been saving money toward their retirement to put it into the federal Social Security program that pays out a pittance to seniors.  Liberals believe Social Security is free money from the government!  They haven’t the first clue that that money comes from taxes of people who work because the Millennial deadbeats have been taught by Obama that they don’t need jobs.

Barack Hussein Obama said during his presidency that a stagnant economy was the “new normal,” that manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back, and he mocked Donald Trump saying he would have to have a magic wand to make those jobs come back.  Yes, he does, it’s called his big Republican rod riding atop balls of steel to force Washington swamp rats to lower taxes, reduce business choking regulations, and undo the Obama dictates to reopen coal and unleash American energy and economic engine once again!

Hillary parrots Pelosi and Obama in saying illegal immigrants improve the economy.  They promote the fraud that they “do jobs Americans won’t do.”  This lie is exposed when laws are obeyed, but Democrats believe laws were made to be broken.  Democrats call it immigration, but it’s not legal when they sneak into the country, take jobs, don’t pay taxes, and send the money out of the country.  That’s not adding to the economy.  That’s raiding the economy.  Democrats say anyone entering the country, legally or not, is here legally.  This completely ignores law for lawbreakers.  They want law enforcement abolished and laws to be ignored for their own benefit.  The only people who benefit from breaking laws are criminals when they don’t get caught and punished, which makes the Democrat Party the party of criminals.  They say punishing criminals is racist.  They won’t stop telling their lies until they can make their lies the truth.

They are Not Refugees and Immigrants, they are Raiders and Invaders

This is how evil wins.  If it can’t crush you, it wears you down.  The liberal cacophony of Trump hate, screaming that he stole the election, is a racist, sexist, homophobe, that he is stealing from the economy, and that he will get America into wars is exhausting to any moral person.  Evil never stops.  Evil is relentless.  Evil will continue to deceive and hate and perpetuate lies for so long as they believe they can make them the truth in the minds of the ignorant masses.  Republicans willing to compromise with them are doing themselves no favors.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

The bottom line is this; Democrats are working to tear down America and remake it as their socialist banana republic toilet with themselves as the rulers over the masses.  They have indoctrinated fools into believing their frauds.  Only education can overcome the lemmings duped into following Democrat’s empty promises and false hopes.  The leftwing media spews Trump hate, hate for Republicans, and hate for America with their constant lies hourly.  Their spite has had an effect on the hearts and minds of the people.  Leftists have ginned up hate through their multitude of lies to twist the greedy, envious, ignorant masses into their army of angry peasants organizing for action to overthrow America.

Fortunately, most Americans have the good sense and moral understanding to see through these frauds and Trump’s popularity is rising.  As the great man they strive to portray as petty and stupid does more and more to make America great, improve the economy, and beat back America’s enemies, the left becomes more and more insane in their derangement to destroy America.  Trump is undoing all the damage of Obamaism and doing all he can to drain the swamp of the rats in Washington that have been feeding off this nation.  Still, so long as leftism is promoted, and their denizens continue to propagate, this nation will never be safe from the evils of socialism.  We have already seen how easily fascism can infect the minds of people who are easily duped into believing they are fighting for the right as they obey the commands of the socialist left and devolve into the same thugs employed by Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

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