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Democrats cannot be civil as they whip up hate then blame Republicans as haters.  Their ideology is based on lies and slavery, the very opposite of free speech and liberty, and they know it.  So, when people tell them the truth they go ballistic!  Democrats are moving farther and farther left, becoming more and more violent, and doing so all based on lies founded in frauds wrapped in deceptions they manufacture to portray Republicans as evil demons.  Democrats want to unmake America and remake it in their image.  They disregard immigration law and declare those who enforce the laws to be “terrorists” and “racists.”  They tell lies like, “Trump is a racist sex offender,” and claim border agents “rip babies from the arms of immigrants.”  Simpletons believe them without proof and despite proof of the opposite.

Leftists are not willing to give up the power they believe is their birthright.  The result of being vote out of power is an irrational rage that is bent on overthrowing the elected government by duping their followers into forcing others to submit.  This is because they cannot rationally debate and defend what they know deep in their souls to be wrong.  Instead, Democrats create problems with which to blame Republicans, both to make themselves feel superior, and to poison the electorate against righteous leaders like Trump.  This is just what they did to Reagan and the Bushes, which is why they never allow anything to be made right but obstruct Republicans at every turn.

Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

The Thinking Class Is Clueless on Trump and Putin

This man understands America and socialism

Rush 7/19/18

Leftists rule by hook or by crook, i.e. they fool you or they force you to obey their will.  They are control freaks.  Like people on the road who want to go slow in front of you and speed up when you try to pass them, they want to be ones in charge of how you behave.  That’s why they don’t just want to not have a gun in their homes but want to keep others from having guns.  They don’t just want to accept immorality but force others to embrace it.  They don’t just want to import foreigners as cheap labor and illegal voters but force all Americans to accept them into their homes to be dominated by them.

In a public disaster on The View, Whoopi Goldberg exhibited all the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  All the elements of TDS were exhibited by her in her spat with Judge Jeanine Pirro.  The question: “WTF is wrong with their brains?” is a legitimate inquiry.  Their thinking begins with ignorance and is exponentially exacerbated by immorality.  This is what it looks like:

Judge Jennine Pirro on The View speaking the truth

Judge Jeanine Pirro kicked off The View as Goldberg goes into a rage

Elements of Leftist (currently Trump) Derangement Syndrome

  • Lies: It starts with leftist’s lies about how they care and how they could make the world a Utopia if only others would believe as they believe and do as they say.
  • Denial: This then proceeds through denial of the truth by ignorant liberals rejecting the proofs that their ideological morality is deeply flawed.
  • Projection: They project their motivational beliefs onto others in the belief that the motivations of others are the same as their own. (This is called “honor among thieves” who don’t trust each other so end up stabbing each other in the back.)
  • Blame: In order to excuse their own behavior, they blame others as the cause thereby validating their actions; such as falsely claiming Republicans to be racists and therefore justifying themselves to assault them under the claim of self-defense. (Socialists have used this excuse to conduct their genocides throughout history.)
  • Rage: Finally, when confronted by the indisputable truth they resort to violence to force their ideology onto others and make them obey by coercing them or destroying them if they will not submit.

Whoopi Goldberg exhibited how Trump Derangement Syndrome works when she was confronted by the truth spoken by Judge Jeanine Pirro whom she had invited to her show.  She had her leftist lies rebuffed, then rejected the truth, called the judge a liar, screamed at her in a rage, kicked her off her show, maniacally chased her out of the building, and then acted as if she were perfectly right to do so.  TDS is based on the false premise of the left’s caricature of Trump rather than on reality.  It’s the delusion of two-faced, self-righteous hypocrites of the Left who project their lowly character onto the righteous.

Judge Jeanine Pirro talks with Hannity about Goldberg’s TDS explosion

Goldberg kicked Pirro off, not because the judge was unreasonable, but because Goldberg is actually completely hateful, clearly in denial, and dedicated to maintaining her lies.  This makes her completely unjust, unreasonable, irrational, and emotionally unhinged which she, of course, denies as if just the act of speaking makes her intelligent and reasonable.  (Shades of Jar Jar!)  She sat there and lied that she doesn’t hate Trump and wants people to talk to each other, but when the moment of truth came she became emotionally incensed because she cannot tolerate the truth.  When Jeanine started talking about the manufactured Hillary Dossier they tried to counter by presenting Hillary’s lie that Republicans created it.  But they could not name a single Republican who had a hand in manufacturing this fraud.  Goldberg then tried to talk over the judge before descending into screams and booting her.  Pirro is in command of all the facts, all the truth, and all the moral authority, and the lying leftist deceivers of The View could not abide this.

The lies on which Socialism is founded

Socialists say their ideology is the righteous way that the world should be.  This is true if they meant they believe there should be elites ruling over the masses, but they don’t.  They present socialism as being the big brother of tribalism in which all the members of society work together in harmony for the good of all.  They portray capitalism as the rich stealing from the poor.  The history of socialism and capitalism in the 20th century is that capitalism generated vast wealth for all the people’s benefit and created the first middle class in history.  While socialism accounts for some two hundred million people killed in genocides and wars with another three billion people enslaved.  Socialists cannot point to a single socialist achievement that benefited the people of any country.  All they can do is make the false promise that they know how to make it work the way they claim it could.

Liberals have no understanding of how business, capitalism, or taxes work.  The latest leftist lies are that capitalism is an aberration that steals wealth and socialism shares the wealth.  This lie is destroyed by a simple knowledge of history that proves this to be the opposite of the truth.  Staten Island’s Democrat candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, demanding ICE be abolished, and all people be paid a universal income with free healthcare and free education is proof of how simpletons are deluded by good sound bites.  When confronted with the realities of what she states she is dumbstruck.  The only way anything is free to one person is if they enslave another by stealing it from.  They must either enslave doctors and teachers to work for free or steal from taxpayers to pay them.  Where else would they get the money to pay?  Raid the nearest toy store for their Monopoly games?

Liberalism does not take into account the immorality of those who don’t want to work but are willing to steal.  It’s easier to steal from others than to work for it oneself.  Society deals with these people by punishing them, and if they are incorrigible they banish them, imprison or enslave them, or execute them.  The flaw of liberalism that entraps societies comes when those who are without a moral foundation don’t understand that there is a fine line between enforcing their laws and imposing their laws.  Righteous people enforce laws, while leftists impose laws and often do so based on their flawed understanding of what they believe to be good or bad, or what they make legal or illegal, rather than on what is right or wrong.  The truly irrational lie that liberals believe is that how society treats its lowliest people they interpret as how society treats it criminals.  The saying refers to the least of us who are poor, those who have suffered misfortunes or have handicaps, not to the worst of us who are predators, scavengers, and parasites.

The Denizens of the Left

Islam, socialism, and imperialism all share these traits in enslaving the people to the ruling elites who believe it is their birthright to rule.  Leftism has been the cause of all the wars and slavery and oppression throughout history, and it is all based on the sins of greed, envy, sloth, and pride.  It is quicker, easier to be seduced by the Dark Side to be a taker rather than to work as a maker.  Beginning with individuals who stole from farmers rather than work to grow food, evolving to raiders who enslaved their neighbors, eventually becoming conquerors who made slaves of whole peoples, leftists have always used violence to take from others.  Every race, every culture, every religion, everyone throughout history, regardless of their ideology, has had leftists take control and lead them against others by duping them – convincing them it is their right.  Compromising with them only gives them more power.  As Rush Limbaugh said, “When you compromise with evil, evil wins.”  The only righteous course is to defeat them and not give them any power.

Occupy Wall Street who trashed businesses and defecated on police cars, Black Lives Matter who rioted in the streets and assassinated police, Antifa who violently attacks conservative speakers and shuts down free speech, paid protesters who march against immigration law and the Constitution, all of these are part of Obama’s army of his PAC, Organizing for Action, which is geared to intimidate, destroy, and coerce people into obeying Democrat’s will.  They are no different than any group of thugs throughout history.  Criminals always seek power to impose their will on others, so they can take what they want.  Anarchists are not opposite totalitarian rulers.  They just want to be the ones making the rules.

Left vs. Right – The true paradigm

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Right vs. Left: Propaganda, Alternative Facts, and the Weapons of War

Elizabeth Warren, Barack Hussein Obama, and the entire Democrat Party have taken up leftist slogans to destroy law enforcement and give free money to deadbeats when they know all they will do is lead the country to its destruction.  That’s because it is their desire to destroy America and remake it with themselves as the ruling elites and they can only do that by seducing the people into destroying themselves.  In order to accomplish this Democrats are giving voting rights to foreign invaders they have illegally imported as cheap labor and welfare voter slaves.  That is why it is imperative that voter fraud be stopped, and they be defeated.  The Founders were wise in instituting the Electoral College so that states like California, New York, and Illinois stuffing the ballot boxes with illegal votes cannot overwhelm the other states as they could if America were a democracy.  Democracies always fail and devolve into totalitarian dictatorships because the people are always corrupted.  God save America and bless her to overcome this evil.


The Electoral College is designed to limit voter fraud

Democrats cannot be trusted even when they say the right things because they will go to Washington and become part of the swamp doing their master’s bidding.  Even half of Republicans are on the wrong side, which is what frustrates people who become apathetic in their feelings of futility.  When Republicans like Jeff Sessions, who always spoke righteously but who now takes no action against Democrat’s crimes, it is seen that there is great truth that actions speak louder than words.  (One can only hope and pray he is conducting an investigation in secret at Trump’s direction, but that hope could prove vain if nothing comes of his appointment.  The fact that the GOP allowed his senate seat to go to a Democrat bodes ill that he is actually part of the swamp as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which makes all Republicans who do not stand with Trump following his lead suspect.)

Only energized voters can overcome this.  Democrat polls and propaganda do their best to demoralize patriotic Americans to not vote.  Don’t stay home for any election no matter what tales of Republican “crimes” they tell.  Listening to congressional Democrats chant, “USA, USA,” at Republicans over their scapegoating of their favorite fellow socialists in Russia in their deranged efforts to slander Trump, is hilarious!  The people who want to undo the Constitution pretending to be patriotic is as much a joke as their chanting “shame” over the immigration laws they break is a disgrace.  What real American would want such people in charge?

With witless Democrats like Goldberg, along with swamp rats like Adam Schiff and Elizabeth Warren, the left is all too willing to promote lies.  Americans must rely on open debate to reveal the truth.  In a debate the truth can be made clear by the participants if they know all the facts, have a moral foundation, and are prepared to counter lies with truths.  Meanwhile, Democrats are giving voting rights to illegal invaders in the hopes of heading off justice.  Democrats are openly declaring themselves to be anti-American socialists for the next election.  Their mantra of “America was never great” while burning the American flag says it all of what they think of the nation that defeated Democrat’s racism, Nazism, Imperialism, Communism, Fascism, and Islamism.

As the Republican Congress breaks down the walls of the Obama regime’s agents in the intel agencies, FBI, and DoJ, they are uncovering the fraud behind the Russian collusion investigation.  The FISA warrant Obama obtained to spy on Trump was obtained illegally with a known fraudulent document.  The FBI and DoJ are deliberately stalling in the hopes that Democrats will retake control in the next election and thereby eliminate the investigation into their corruption.  If they can’t seduce enough people to the Dark Side, then they’ll revert to subterfuge.  If heads don’t roll in the Democrat Party over this from the bottom to the top, then America will only reverse course someday in the future and leftist corruption will recover to rule once again.

The Wire – Your week in review

Democrats Trying to Shame Republicans are a Disgrace

Trump P*sses on the Democrat’s Parade

A fresh wave of Democrat violence threatens Trump supporters

Bernie Sanders and Cortez campaign together in Kansas falsely claiming that Kansas is ready to accept socialism just because there are always a few leftists in every crowd.  Sanders pushed the leftist lies:

“We say to Trump, instead of showing us your strength by tearing children from their families, where was your strength in standing up to Putin and Russia for undermining American democracy?”

No one is tearing children from family’s as every child still not re-united with their family was kidnapped by Coyotes and drug dealers to use as pawns.  And even the DoJ had to admit that none of the Russians they indicted in the phony Russian collusion investigation did anything that affected the election aside from running opposing ads.  Democrats can only promote their lies to rile up their ignorant base of America haters.  Obama going to South Africa to criticize America as a racist nation while the locals are murdering whites is the pinnacle of two-faced leftism.  Like his fellow Muslims in Iran imagining they are lions facing America, their talk like that of Saddam Hussein before he was crushed will lead to their demise.  Obama’s voice of opposition to America will go the same way as his legacy.

Obama plays the race card against America in South Africa

[Author’s Note: I want a t-shirt that says;

Trump 2020 – Keep America Great: Stop Liberal Fascism and Socialist Tyranny.]

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