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This past campaign season has been a very valuable and teachable moment in contemporary history; it has revealed the true nature of a segment of American society that has built-in anger issues that it cannot seem to deal with in healthy and manageable ways. These are mostly leftist Democrats and their frenzied leftist allies who possess a wild-eyed, intolerant self-righteousness, unparalleled in recent history. Like a ‘revenge of the zombies’ B-movie, they zealously hunt down those who disagree with their depraved political worldview and seek to do harm in one way or another.

Throughout the presidential campaign and continuing after the election, they have taken their mob-violence to the streets: to protest, loot businesses, physically attack and beat opponents, burn vehicles, burn buildings, destroy property, hinder and stop traffic commuters, and generally cause chaos any way they could!

Some incidents include:

At UC Berkeley California, violent liberal protesters attacked Trump supporters, destroyed private property, and started fires, all in an effort to keep a gay right-wing speaker from speaking on campus.

At Fresno State University, liberal professor Lars Maischak tweeted “Trump Must Hang,’ ‘Republicans Should Be Executed for Each Immigrant Deported;” and “To save American democracy, Trump must hang…The sooner and the higher, the better.”

At an anti-Trump rally in Portland Oregon, intolerant liberal protesters threw objects at police officers, vandalized local businesses and damaged cars.

An anti-Trump, Black Lives Matter activist in Seattle said over a megaphone — protesters “need to start killing people” and “start killing the White House.” Other violent and destructive incidents broke-out from San Francisco, to New York University (NYU), to Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and elsewhere. Liberal Democrat vandals even did considerable damage to President Trump’s, National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia!

“Inside Edition” reported on the violent insanity noting that Trump supporters were being hunted-down at some rallies by anti-Trump Democrats and targeted for assault. Male or female, Trump supporters were being treated as if they were Nazi war criminals by bloodthirsty crowds of vengeful Democrats.

What we have witnessed in this election cycle is the culmination of the essence and true nature of Democrats and their growing unstable mob-mentality. This is the revived face of the Democratic Party. While they preach ‘democracy and peace’ they are at heart, intolerant-totalitarian-fascists willing to force others into their own perverted worldview. If they do not win at the ballot-box, they will stoop to any means necessary to force you and your neighbors into their perverted and immoral way of viewing the world; or else pay the consequences of their widespread violent chaos. Even Attorney General Loretta Lynch called for more violence and chaos in the streets!

Remember in 2009 that Barak Obama promised to create a massive civilian army, and claimed his ‘citizen army’ should be just as big, powerful, and well-funded as the U.S. military? This idea was again reiterated in 2013 with both Barak and Michelle Obama commenting on developing a youth army or youth corps. Are the violent and widespread anti-Trump, Antifa, and Black-Lives-Matter protest mobs, the ‘citizen-army?’

Violence belongs to Democrats – and Democrats belong to violence, it has always been a part of their history. Even the 60’s, “peace-movement” ended in violence, because, in the long run, leftist-liberalism ultimately belongs to the culture of death. From their unscientific Darwinian Evolution, to advocating Abortion worldwide, their anti-Christian bias, to expanding Euthanasia, to their unscrupulous ties to violent worldwide terror leaders, drug cartels, and open borders human traffickers and sex traffickers.

When tracking the foreign connections of the Democratic Party’s involvements, it always seems to lead to the diplomatic and non-diplomatic relations of corrupt factions to a variety of nefarious criminal organizations interconnected on a worldwide scale.

As several news reports have indicated, many immigrant “protest” organizations have indirect links to Mexico’s overtly violent drug cartels such as the infamous Los Zetas; and with corrupt government officials in other Latin American countries. Los Zetas is reported to have close ties with Venezuelan vice-president, Tareck El Aissami, who is also a key figure in the global narcotics trade. El Aissami is also known to have connections with Middle-Eastern Hezbollah operatives as well. Through former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Iran established operational terrorist networks in the tri-border area of Argentina-Brazil-and Paraguay with a large population of Muslims.

Hezbollah now has its own registered political party in Paraguay and is an influential entity in that tri-border area. The connection of Hezbollah to South American drug cartels allows Muslim terrorists to earn huge sums of money to help finance their violent terrorist operations worldwide. They are also propagating the hatred of “America” to the local youth in Latin America and building a battle-minded migrant-class willing to take their anti-American protest-propaganda to the streets of America. Their activist activities in America contribute to causing community instability, confusion, chaos, and violence at every opportunity possible. Democrats routinely exploit these violent activities as racist victimhood, instead of denouncing and protecting against them.

President Barak Obama made it possible for the continuing influx and growth of transnational criminal organizations. Not only did he not focus on deterring the growth and spread of these violent organizations, he helped facilitate their presence with lax immigration enforcement. His immigration policies, and advocating “sanctuary cities” helped foster and guarantee the rapid growth of violent criminal gang activity in the United States.

The presence of sanctuary-cities in America hampers the ability of law-enforcement to properly maintain a safe environment for communities and its law-abiding population. Harboring criminal aliens helps violent gangs and drug cartels. As AG Jeff Sessions noted, “Sanctuary cities are aiding these cartels to refill their ranks and putting innocent life — including the lives of countless law-abiding immigrants — in danger.”

The Obama Administration’s border policies have helped facilitate foreign and domestic crime rings throughout America.

The Democratic Party’s left may see themselves as the Antifa (anti-fascist) resistance; but, they are really ‘fascists masquerading as anti-fascists.’

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