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A book written by Michael Savage in 2006 had the title, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. I believe there is no clearer evidence for the truth of that statement than the reaction of democrats to the victory of Donald Trump, ten years later!

In fact, I believe this reaction in particular crosses the line from a mental disorder to outright insanity. I mean that in the most serious manner because it is my opinion that this behavior is dangerous to our very nation and should be stopped!

The more egregious example is the “protests” being staged across the nation. There is obvious paranoia present at these violent tantrums by supposedly adult human beings. Some of the statements reported by “protesters” are irrational in their fear and paranoid tendencies, and outright delusional in their declarations! One example was a recent interview with a female “protester” who said that she voted for Hillary because Hillary Care helped her as a child in the 1990’s! What is real is that this was impossible since Hillary Care never passed! Even if she knew she was lying, a real possibility, it was delusional to believe no one else would know it was a lie. It is that delusional character that is the most damning evidence of all for the Democratic Party. It the full delusion under which virtually the entire Democratic Party is captive to in their response to the election. You see, delusion is actually closer to full insanity than simply mental illness. That is because delusion is the loss of the recognition of what is real! In fact, it might not be a stretch to say that the Democratic Party is going politically insane. Let me specify.

Of course, the first delusion is their professed disbelief that the election actually went against them, which is inflamed by the idea that it was Donald Trump, of all people, beat their anointed queen! Yet, the reality of the numbers on election night kept telling them the unthinkable had literally happened! This appears to have caused a ‘psychic break’ with reality resulting in delusional thinking. What was true, could not conceivably be true, therefore it wasn’t true!

The second delusion follows the heels of the first. It is the delusion that if one does not accept reality, one can mold reality as one wishes simply by denying reality LOUD ENOUGH! This is the more dangerous delusion because it fuels the rioting and violence at present. When this kind of behavior occurs on an individual and small group basis, we call it insanity plain and simple. It is insane to believe one can change what is real and has already happened by the reality of the rule of law by screaming “not my President!” Now this is not dangerous by itself. But it will lead to the line of violence being crossed! That is what happens when the “protesters” aren’t actually able to change reality by howling. Instead of accepting the reality they decide to increase the volume by destruction, rioting, and harm to other innocent people! If individuals were to become delusional to the point of violence, how would such individuals be dealt with? The dangerous behavior would be eliminated by incarceration at the least.

Obviously, we can’t incarcerate all of the Democratic Party. After all, we haven’t even been able to incarcerate Hillary Clinton…yet? But we can eliminate the dangerous behavior of these criminal “protests” in favor of a criminal candidate. It can be done either the hard way or the easy way. It is up to the Democratic Party itself to choose which way. The easy way is for those who are the leaders of Democratic Party, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, to fully repudiate and condemn these protests and call for them to cease, assuring those who might wish to continue that they will be prosecuted at the Federal level to the fullest extent of the law! Oh, and they would have to do one additional thing. They would have to cut off all funds to our country from George Soros, freeze his accounts and indict him! It is his funding which keeps these people going being paid 1500 a week! He is the most dangerously delusional of the all as well as the most evil. IF all that happened the “protests” would vanish virtually overnight, and no one would be hurt.

There is also the hard way, the way of force. The way where arrests increase and if it doesn’t cease then tensions increase and violence increases and destruction increases until people are hurt and killed! When this way is undertaken it can be hard, but it is necessary because the same things would happen on a greater scale if these delusional “protests” were allowed to continue! Perhaps the most delusional thing that could happen is if we as a nation allowed it and gave in ourselves to their machinations of insanity.

That is why it must stop. The delusion must fade back into reality lest the political insanity of the Democratic Party drags all the rest of our land into delusion and destruction along with them!


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