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Mass shootings in schools didn’t used to happen every year.  They were the rarest of instances when psychopaths went on rampages like these.  People in America have had guns since the Founding and shootings like Ft. Lauderdale that are happening in these times didn’t happen.  Automatic weapons or “military style” weapons are not the cause; they are the tools.  In earlier times it would have been just as easy for a man to go into a school with a knife to kill a bunch of children, but they didn’t.  What has changed?

What is different today is not the tools, but the culture.  It is not scary looking guns, automatic weapons, or video games, it is the culture.  America today is not the America of fifty years ago.  Today America’s culture is infected with leftism; the irrational, hateful, dysfunctional logic of the social justice liberal Democrats.  They breed envy, greed, and hate, so is it any wonder they create more thieves and murderers?  Every time one of these mass shootings takes place, whether by an Islamic jihadi terrorist or a psychotic criminal, Democrats always blame the guns and call for all citizens to be disarmed.  Liberals say everyone who owns a gun is a murderer waiting for an opportunity.  Fifty million Americans own guns legally and there are not fifty million murders.  Criminals with guns commit murder constantly.  If Democrat’s ideology works then why is Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws in the country where the public is disarmed, have the highest gun murder rate in the nation?  If they think it’s so easy to disarm those who would commit murders with guns why don’t they start there?  They can’t for the same reason that their outlawing of drugs hasn’t taken drugs off the streets.  Instead you find Democrats in Congress fighting to keep the borders porous so that drugs can flow freely into the country.  You know they could close the border, but they won’t because there are Democrats in Congress who are profiting from the drug trade just as they have always profited from criminal enterprises.  That’s the soul of the Left.

For a century Democrats have made morality laws at the behest of women voters.  That women irrationally believe they can stop men from committing crimes, or taking drugs, or having sex by making laws against them is why the majority of them vote for Democrats who fool them with their pandering and fear-mongering.  Evil hides among the good and is expert at duping gullible people into supporting it.  As Democrats advocate phony morality laws with one hand they point at Republicans to blame them with the other.  This has been the method of Democrats since the Founding.  The sad part is that so many people today have been fooled by their lies because they are uneducated.  Most Democrats believe that Lincoln was a Democrat and Republicans created the KKK.  Their ignorance is astounding, but not surprising since leftists have infiltrated our educational system and indoctrinated young minds into their corruption rewriting history.  They take away the morality and comfort of Christ and give them the hateful ideology of leftist socialism that includes Nazism, Communism, Fascism, and Islamism – all the ideologies that are anti-Christian and anti-God.  Without the moral basis formed by the Christian church America is floundering in a morass of increasing immorality.  Is it any wonder that there are more and more people who behave as animals amongst a civilized society?  Video games do not teach children to kill.  They grow up and know the difference between zombies and people.  They know that in shooting someone in reality they don’t come back to life.  They realized this when they became teenagers and started scoffing at Wile E. Coyote getting up after falling a thousand feet or being crushed by a boulder.  Children are not the brainless fools that adult liberals are and cannot be held to blame for the irrational thinking of leftists.  Making laws outlawing using guns to commit murder is never going to work.  How does making a law saying you can’t bring a gun into a certain zone stop an outlaw?  Criminals are outlaws who by definition do not obey the law!  This is not rocket science!  To believe that making a law against something will prevent someone who is an outlaw from breaking it is more childishly stupid than believing that children don’t understand that people are not zombies that come back to life after they are shot!  Even a psychotic understands that dead is dead.  This evil psychotic animal in Florida understood that perfectly well after he tortured animals to death.  He just wanted to do it to people because he suffers from the mental illness of liberalism and was willing to carry it to its most extreme.  Do you think liberalism preaches peace and love?  How often do you hear liberals talking about how mankind is killing the Earth and there are too many people on the planet and they should “cull the herd?”

The liberal solutions to society’s ills always fail because their ideology is the flawed beliefs of immature mind’s dysfunctional, irrational thinking.  Liberal solutions are always simplistic in concept and impossible to implement in reality.  Taking guns from law-abiding citizens does not make them safer because it leaves guns in the hands of those who do not abide by the law.  They put up signs at schools saying “no guns allowed” so mass murderers know they can walk their halls with impunity.  They refuse to allow teachers to be armed who know how to handle a gun and why?  They are more afraid of the teachers than they are of psychotics!  They think if teachers had guns they would shoot students!  Is that because they have encouraged students to attack the teachers who hold them responsible for their grades?  Liberalism advocates for overthrowing righteous authority in favor of their rule of law living by the gun because they want the government to be the only ones with guns to have absolute control over the people, i.e. enslave them.  Democrats have always been for the power of the elites over the masses.  It is the foundation of socialism.  Just listen to these liberals who advocate more gun laws against good citizens make their argument.

Enough of this crying crocodile tears over the dead, fear-mongering against good citizens, and allowing terrorists and psychotics to run rampant as they have in the era of Obama these past ten years.  America needs gun laws that will make people safer.  If Democrats are going to allow criminals to enter this country illegally, to operate inside the country with impunity, and protect the groups that prey on humanity, then Republicans should be implementing laws so that good citizens can protect each other.  The people cannot afford to pay for a cop on every corner of every school to wait for the one in ten thousand each year that may be targeted.  But we can afford to carry our own weapons with which to defend ourselves against these rabid leftists that seek to dominate and destroy us.  We don’t need presidents who try to comfort us with false words as Obama did blaming America for “workplace violence” when Moslem terrorists attack.  We don’t need President Trump to pat us on the back.  We need the man who is fulfilling his campaign promise to make America great again to fulfil his other campaign promise to make America safe again.  Democrats have allowed and encouraged the skyrocketing rise of crime by blacks, illegals, Moslems, and psychotics with their blame America first hate campaign.  It is time to stop allowing them to corrupt law enforcement and empower President Trump to undo the damage the Left has done to American culture.  Concentrate on stopping the criminals, the terrorists, and the psychotics and not the good people of America.  Stop liberal Democrats from trying to make federal law to micromanage Americans while allowing states to make immigration law that affects the entire country.  California gives illegals who already broke American law sanctuary in their state and the right to vote in national elections.  This gives foreign invaders power over American citizens.  This is why President Trump can legitimately claim to have won the popular vote when some three million illegals voted in California alone not to mention other liberal Democrat states.  Illinois denying guns to citizens gives criminals power over them.  Liberals do everything backwards and the end result is never beneficial to good people.  America would be far more prosperous and far safer if Republicans would not work with Democrats or compromise with their leftist agenda, but just work to outright defeat them by crushing their propaganda machine with the good moral sense of conservatism.

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