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If the Nunes memo is a pack of lies that contains no honest information, and is such a nothing burger that it can do no harm, why did the Democrats claim it would destroy America’s intelligence agencies?  Why were they so desperate to have it suppressed?  Why do they want to stifle any investigation into the alleged treasonous activities in the highest offices in government?  And why do they now want to release their own counter memo that is so full of classified material that it must be heavily redacted?  The answers are obvious to intelligent people who are not closed-minded liberals; because the information in the memo reveals Democrat corruption of the Deep State and they want to conceal it by pretending Trump is not transparent but hiding the truth.  Were it Bush or Reagan who was discovered to have weaponized government law enforcement and intelligence agencies to spy on Democrats you can bet the sh*t would have hit the fan and heads would roll!

Denzel Washington: Trump saved us from Orwellian police state

Hillary’s Witch-hunter, Mueller, wants to interview the president who says he is unafraid to speak on the record without an attorney.  President Trump has nothing to hide from Mueller discovering some crime or collusion that can be used to impeach him.  But everyone knows that lawyers are liars who warp words and twist meanings to entrap people, so taking an attorney who is on your side to any meeting is always best.  They are all well trained and versed in how to manipulate testimony to get the results they want so there is reason to fear how he would spin Trump’s testimony.  That’s how they were able to charge Gen. Flynn with lying to the FBI, how they railroaded the innocent Scooter Libby, and how they intend to convict Trump.  Trump actually has more to fear from a potentially violent Democrat coup when their corruption is utterly exposed and their silent coup is crushed.  More and more people are realizing that the mainstream media are not journalists, but are Democrat propagandists.  The last time this happened was in the 1980s as the liberal media attempted to slander President Reagan while he made America great again.  But the venom that they spew on Trump is ten times worse and they are more desperate to assassinate Trump in the eyes of the public like they did to Bush ’43.  He, however, is having none of it and is fighting back to expose and crush their every attempt.  Leftist pundits say this is “punching down” at individuals who don’t have the power of the president’s bully pulpit, but what other way is there to punch for the most powerful man in the world?  Do you not swat a mosquito when it is drawing blood?  They are disease carrying vermin who spread poison that can actually kill people and these liberal Democrat commentators are no different.

Leftists always blame their failings on others and take credit for the success of others.  When the Stock Market skyrocketed because Trump lifted Obama’s boot off the necks of businesses they credited Obama as if he had anything good to do with the economy whose decline he had managed.  Now that there has been a drop in the Market, not because of anything happening in the economy but due to this revelation that the conspiracy theory of Hillary and Obama spying on Trump through America’s intelligence agencies and law enforcement has teeth, people collect their profits and run for cover as Democrats blame Trump.  Likewise, the NFL that has suffered a grievous audience loss does not lay responsibility at the feet of the players for acting like circus monkeys throwing their scat at the audience, but blame the paying audience for not catching it in their mouths and swallowing.  Like Jeb Bush, who thought he would take the Republican nomination by pissing on the base and casting them aside, the NFL is calling the white men who have been their base a bunch of bigoted, white supremacist racists.  Leftist media describe these customers as “culprits” for refusing to support the anti-white racism in the NFL as if they are the criminals.  Democrats do nothing but try to feed the public feces and expect them to eat it without question and then say the sh*t sandwich they are serving belongs to Republicans.  Everything Democrats accuse Republicans of doing is what Democrats actually are doing.  That is their nature.  That is the nature of honor among the thieves of the left.  Liberals know they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal so they project their wicked character on honorable people.  That’s how they so easily speak with two-faces both scorning Trump for “taking credit for Obama’s economy,” but the moment it goes south it’s “all his fault.”  They convince themselves that Trump didn’t care about winning the presidency but then enlisted Russia to steal the election for him.  That describes Hillary!  They say Trump hired prostitutes to pee on a bed the Obama’s slept in.  That’s not the action of a man of great accomplishment like Trump who conquers and gets his deals done, but the act of an impotent man who has no power of his own like Obama.  Barry Sotero never accomplished anything on his own except to win popularity contests by lying about his character and intentions while slandering his opponent.  The evidence is how he spoke when off the teleprompters and let slip his true intent.  That’s why he would hem and haw as he thought up his next lie and liberals tried to blow smoke for him claiming that was “intellectual thoughtfulness that common people couldn’t understand.”  Every time Democrats tell lies they say that average people are too stupid to understand like their climate change scam.  They tell the lie that man causes climate change and anyone who doesn’t believe them is a medieval flat-earther who rejects science.

Democrats politicize and weaponized everything against the righteous.  Just as the IRS targeted the TEA Party for tax abuse, the DoJ targeted Christian businesses for persecution, and the NSA conducted illegal spying of Americans, everything they do is designed to bring power to their fascist regime by suppressing the righteous.  Totalitarians want the government to control everything so they can steal from the makers and give to the takers.  They use the mainstream media as their propaganda arm and groups like Antifa and BLM as their militant arms all promoting fascism by calling the other side fascists.  It’s like Hitler’s Nazi Brown Shirts attacking Communists and persecuting the Jews, except that in this case it’s the Islamo-Nazis and socialist liberal Communists attacking capitalists and persecuting Christians by claiming the righteous are the Nazis and ignorant haters eat it up.  Here’s the best clue when liberals are caught in a lie.  They scream racism, hate, and bigotry as an attack on the character of the messenger and then slander the message as meaningless lies and distortions.  Only those who actually do the research necessary to discern the truth will learn the truth.  90% of liberals have no clue what the Nunes Memo actually says even though it’s only three pages long just as they have no clue how Trump could have enlisted Russia’s aid to steal the election.  They just believe it because they are told to just as they believe what they are told about the Left’s climate change fraud.  You would think that, at some point, most of them would grow up and realize the sky is not falling, Republicans are not racists, and Democrats are the deceivers who are ruining their lives.

Americans are not concerned about letting the children of foreigners into the country to improve their lives.  They are concerned about their own children.  They are not concerned about providing for foreigners who come into the country illegally to profit from taxpayer benefits.  They are concerned about not being taxed into poverty to provide for strangers.  Americans want legal immigrants who respect our laws and want to be part of our culture, not those who violate our laws and want to tear the country down.  Reagan Republicans fought the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall that imprisoned millions behind the Iron Curtain of socialism.  Joe Kennedy and Obama Democrats say they will tear down Trump’s Wall that will protect Americans from invaders sneaking into the USA.  It’s about time that Democrats wake up to the lies they’ve been living and stop making excuses for their miserable lot in life when they vote for it!  Hillary, Bernie, Fauxcohantas, Islam Ellison, and other Democrats are all making appeals to college and high school students as “the future of America” through pandering and demagoguery to cajole, fool, and scare them into believing socialism is a beneficial ideology that will save their lives.  Baby Boomers do not want to spend their retirement years giving from their pensions and Social Security to support these children living in their dystopian world.  Democrats are doing all in their power to stop Trump from making America great again by showing them that the American way is far superior to the socialist way.  President Trump needs to unleash the hounds on the crimes of Democrats in Washington and in the voting booth by raising the voting age and requiring the strictest voter ID possible because these young dupes will not hesitate to cheat for their rulers.  America is counting on President Trump rooting out the Deep State and draining the swamp to save America from the socialism of the liberal Democrat Nazi Communists of the Left.

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