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Since I returned from China in August of 2017, I have been suffering from ‘culture shock.’ I have begun to despair over the viability of western civilization given its current state of ideologically violent angst, arrogance, ignorance and abuse. I spend my days dreaming of returning to that wonderful Communist country called China, where people don’t really care what YOU do as long as YOU leave THEM in peace to go about their own business.

In the current state of our western societies, it seems to me to be that every person and his canine is to be found lying in wait for some poor sod to do or say something about which they can complain that it has offended them; that the offender should apologize and make reparations for the sin/s.

My parents (who were not religious) raised me to believe that everyone has a right to their opinion even if I personally don’t agree with that opinion. They raised me to be non-judgmental.

Between them they also taught me two very valuable lessons, the first of which was to never argue with a fool, and the second, that most people only believe what they want to believe.

Both of my parents had tumultuous traumatizing childhoods and like so many other ‘normal’ people they had their ups and downs and their regrets. But my parents didn’t bitch, complain and carry on like victims. They didn’t big note themselves with their alleged virtues or brilliance. Their lives were just too busy to waste time and energy criticizing everyone and everything. And they certainly did not run around shouting to the heavens about how hurt and offended they were by everything they saw and heard. They spent their lives working hard to support their six children.

The only real complaint that I have about my parents is that they did not warn me what people were truly like. You see I grew up speaking the truth and trusting and believing everyone else. After decades of pain, disappointment and heartache (and a desire to put off this mortal coil), I went to work in China for a year and stayed 14.5 years.

During that time I went through a form of detox about which I wrote in my book ‘Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story.’ In China it was as if I had found myself back in my childhood surrounded by decent normal human beings.

During my years in China I began writing opinion articles on my website and read articles submitted to me for publication. I eventually become editor of an online newspaper and was reading those articles as well. I became exposed to different writers and different sites and so began a journey of discovery about what was happening in the real world. I began to have my eyes opened.

And then came Trump!

Up until the time that Trump became President of the USA I had merely considered the progressive liberals to be somewhat mentally deficient! They were like little children who run in one direction whilst their head is turned in another. WHAM! If you have ever had kids then you know what I am talking about!

Once Trump won the election however, I began to see the far left in a new light. I no longer saw them as immature adults but as what they are – empty, negative, contentious, violent, anger filled, soulless individuals who embrace victimhood, take no responsibility for their own actions, and who engage in virtue signaling in order to make themselves feel good. They appear to suffer from Reaction Formation; accusing everyone else of their own sins. Believing that they are standing up for equality in all its forms, they follow the road laid down by Karl Marx, and while condemning the Chinese and other Communist Governments for their wrong doings, do their best to introduce the same totalitarian methodology in Western freedom loving Democratic countries.

Claiming to believe in, approve of, promote and own all manner of ‘good qualities,’ their actions demonstrate quite the opposite. The left oppresses conservative websites, oppresses the majority in favor of the minority and demonizes men (audio file at 27 minutes 42 seconds – making money for women employed in an industry promoting false propaganda).

We have modern feminists calling for ‘safe spaces’ in colleges whilst feminists from the 60’s complain that back then they fought for ‘freedom’ rather than be forced into safe spaces.

We have feminists, abortion rights activists and the LGBT community marching behind and in support of Linda Sansour who wishes to bring in Sharia law in the USA – that same Sharia Law which does not allow women to have an abortion; which beats and/or imprisons and/or kills gays, and which requires women to be in submission to men. Honestly!?

Since Trump became President I have realized that the liberal progressive politically correct ideologues are actually irrational, unintelligent, psychotic, violent, threatening, dangerous revolutionaries whose ideology has taught them to hate their country, their culture, their traditions, their history, their privileges and their own selves. They are guilt filled, tantrum throwing pathological nutcases.

But why are they like this?

Prior to returning to Australia in August of 2017, this whole issue of the state of the leftist mind was just an academic exercise, but arriving back during the voting on the National Marriage Equality Survey (Gay Marriage) I was immediately confronted with real and personal ‘experience’ of the debased state of western civilization.

I became ‘personally affected’ by the angst, arrogance, ignorance, discrimination and intolerance of the bleeding heart brigade. I saw the hypocrisy of the left right before my eyes, and I wondered how this could have happened.

Over the intervening months I have thought long and hard about how society has changed and how hypocritical it has become and I have come to only one conclusion; at least half the population suffers from mental and emotional illness undoubtedly brought on by either extreme emotional suffering or else their failure to effectively deal with all of life’s little disappointments.

The ‘my rights’ generation who appear to have been raised by the ‘it’s not my fault’ generation who in turn were raised by the revolutionaries of the 60’s and 70’s seem not have been raised with a proper understanding of life. They don’t seem to have been taught the proper coping skills and strategies, and being raised ‘godless’ they have no FAITH in anything but themselves – and their lives are crap! Obviously their lives are crap because otherwise they would be happy little chappies – but they are not!

Their lives without social media and ideological causes, are empty, and their emotions are negative. They spend their days virtue signaling trying to convince one and all (and particularly themselves) that they are decent people. They are such harsh critics of everyone else that you know that they just have to be equally as hard on themselves. Maybe that statement doesn’t seem to make sense so let me put it this way.

People who don’t lie, don’t spend their days accusing others of lying. People who are positive, don’t spend their days spouting negativity. People who don’t devalue themselves, don’t devalue others. People who quickly forgive themselves, also quickly forgive others. People who are not critical of others are not critical of themselves.

Conversely, people who constantly blame, accuse, abuse, lie about and deride others are people whose hearts are full of negativity, emptiness and guilt. Irrespective of what you see on the outside, inside they are an unhappy mess.

While it holds true that the nutcases on the extreme left are no different to the nutcases on the extreme right, I do believe that the (ordinary) conservative right, by virtue of their religious upbringing, are more inclined to be generous and forgiving in their relationships and not publically judgmental. On the other hand, I believe that it is generally the (ordinary) left, mobilized by godless Marxist ideological teaching via educational institutions, whose lives are full of guilt, dissatisfaction, unforgiveness and blame.

Until Trump won the Presidency, the progressive liberals just appeared to have ideological convictions, but since that time it has become abundantly plain that these people suffer genuine psycho-emotional illness and distress. They are not happy people and this has nothing to do with their disappointment with who won the election. Trump’s election released the genie from the bottle. Good decent people who for a long time had supported ‘nice sounding’ ideological clichés began to raise their voices against the ideological indoctrination of the previous decades.

Trump’s election made many leftists doubt themselves. They suddenly realized that what they thought was ‘normal and good’ – was not considered normal and good by at least half of the country. And it hurt! They were rejected, offended and insulted and worse, their self image collapsed. They began to realize that they are not considered to be the saints and saviors of western civilization.

So what do you do when your whole world is turned upside down?

The wise man accepts it and begins the difficult process of adapting to the change!

What is it that Ecclesiastes 10:2 says?
“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left”.

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