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Donald Trump’s presidency has brought out the worst of the Left. Even before he won the election, there were major riots at his rallies. Since Trump was elected, there were many protests, riots and beatings of Trump supporters throughout the country, along with cries of “the Russians did it!” and the threatening of electors. And since his inauguration, there was the Women’s’ March, the packing of airports protesting the moratorium on refugees, the crashing of Republican townhall meetings, and college campus riots. The Left has shown itself to be unhinged.

Last Thursday, the Left was at it again. They organized “A Day Without Immigrants,” in protest to Trump’s policies on illegal immigration as well as to his refugee policies. This protest consisted mainly of immigrants skipping work last Thursday to attend rallies and protests against Trump and his policies.

They thought the protests would show Trump who he is dealing with. But instead, the Day Without Immigrants protests hilariously backfired. Apparently, skipping work doesn’t fly well with your boss.

Nashville Bradley Coatings in Tennessee terminated 18 employees after they told their supervisors that they would skip work to attend the protests, and with Tennessee being an employment-at-will state, employees can be fired at any time with no explanation. The company’s attorney, Robert Peal, explained that it wasn’t the protest that caused the employees to be fired, but that they skipped work while there were time-sensitive projects to be completed.

Another example is that in Lexington, South Carolina, 21 employees were fired 21 employees were fired from Encore Boat Builders LLC for skipping work to attend a local rally, without even calling, and just not showing up. One employee even admitted that management called some employees the day before and warned them that they would be fired for skipping work. The employee continued that they didn’t call in out of fear of losing their jobs, but still decided to attend the protest rather than go to work.

In Denver, JVS Masonry fired 30 employees for not showing up for work, and the owner texted one of his foremen, “You stand for what you believe, make sure you stand for whatever consequences are going to come.” There are many more examples throughout the country, and the total amount of people fired after “A Day Without Immigrants” was over 100 people.

To quote Rush Limbaugh on his radio program, “a day without immigrants turned into many days without work.” And these businesses will continue to work and hire new employees that will actually commit to working and making life better for them and their families, rather than protesting to feel good about themselves.


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