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The DACA debacle continues. Although President Trump did mark a date in March for DACA to be fixed, the progressive socialist Democrats want the problem “fixed” now.

It goes without saying that the progressive socialist Democrats do not care for the American people. From the military to National Parks and all other government functions are being held hostage to the temper tantrum that the leftists are using to get what they want. It does not matter that it may cost the American economy millions, in 2014 it cost the n ational economy at least $24 billion, and government workers  will go without pay, they will try to force what they feel is the right for illegals to stay and further corrode the culture of the country

They did say that an agreement had been reached, one that maintains chain migration, shields DACA from deportation provided under 6% of the border wall funding that President  Trump requested and continues the Visa lottery program. They called it bipartisan because Lindsay Grahamesty signed onto the agreement, a RINO working for corporate interests. Graham and the others have shown quite clearly that they do not care about the citizens of this country.

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The damage that will be done by the leftists and their attempt to force Americans to acquiesce to their socialist policies has been discussed before, ( but the Democrats believe that if they push hard enough that President Trump will cave as Republicans have always done. They do not know President Trump.

If the progressive socialist Democrats think that shutting down the government will hurt the Republicans, they need to take another look at their thinking. If it doesn’t have to be fixed until March and they force tying a bad plan to the continuing resolution, the Trump supporters will make it quite clear that that would be the wrong move.

Chuck Schumer stated:

“The fact remains the only way to guarantee the legal status of Dreamers is to pass DACA protections into law and do it now”

This is the same Schumer who in 2014 tearfully talked about the cancer patient no getting NIH treatments, it will throw construction workers out of work, that Social Security recipients will not get a check, and that the world would end. What changed Chuckie, you seem quite willing to throw the same people under the bus, all for a DACA fix that isn’t required until the earliest March. Back then it was also Chuck Schumer who claimed:

“Dems would never shut down the government to secure “Immigration Reform” It said that it would cause “government chaos”.

What happened Chuck? Were you lying then or are you lying now. With President Trump as President, perhaps “government chaos” is exactly what you want.

Nancy Pelosi has said basically the same thing with both pushing hard to pass a bad law that Americans will be forced to live with. The American people understand that it not the Republicans holding the DACA recipients hostage but the Democrats, that will then be able to call President Trump a “Racist” again and have a tangible asset in the midterms to be used in conjunction with their fellow socialist travelers in the mainstream media. Democrats feel that American Hispanics are low information voters who will vote Democrat not matter what they do. They feel as long as they keep lying to them, and blacks too, they will continue to follow like sheep. The black and Hispanic voters I talk to see through this, and the Democrats do not realize how many constituents they are losing. 2018 may come as a big surprise to them. The polls showing a “blue wave” may be just as accurate as the ones for the last Presidential election.

A good role model for the Democrats who still consider themselves moderate and not progressives would be Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia. This is a man who sets politics aside when doing the work for the people of West Virginia. In Senator Manchin’s words:

“We have a shutdown looming. We have to make sure this government runs and operates in a functional way. I took an oath to represent everybody in West Virginia. I don’t take an oath just for Democrats.

In 2013, 68 Senators, Democrats and Republicans voted for a mammoth overhaul to immigration. We had $42 billion that was going to be spent for border security. Including more wall, technology, border agents it has everything to secure our border.”

Unfortunately Senator Manchin, most Republicans agree with you on this. But the progressive socialist wing of your party can not allow President Trump to protect the American people. Those members want the “government chaos” that Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Dickie Durbin so long for.  They can then use that to say the it is all President Trumps fault, and, along with the media talking heads once again push for Trumps impeachment by declaring he is not up to the job.

The durbin story appears to me to have been made up. For Dickie Durbin it wouldn’t be the first time. Durbin was the only Democrat and along with RINO Lindsay Graham who has always wanted open borders and cheap labor are the only two who supposedly heard the President make the comment President Trump supposedly made. The mainstream media took up the mantra, and broadcast it as being of whole cloth. If the Democrats say it, it must be true. They used the vulgar word that Durbin attributed to Trump over 200 times on CNN alone. I suppose the fact that children who could have been listening weren’t enough of a deterrent to using it through the day, but they aren’t Dreamers so it probably doesn’t matter to them. Everyone else in the room , including Senator David Purdue and the DHS Secretary never heard it, but if can bring down Trump, the little sheep of the mainstream media will continue to bleet it out as gospel.

So what it boils down to is this, the Progressive socialist of the Democrats Party are holding America hostage over a fix that isn’t required until March. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA0 says he rejects any blame being put on the Democrats if there is a shutdown. He seems to think the Democrats have the leverage to push the Republicans into meeting the agenda of socialist policies that Democrats hold so dear. They are attempting to extort the Republican party into doing their bidding like the Republicans have always caved. It won’t work this time.

Unfortunately, the Republican leadership seems out of touch with the American people. But there is a difference this time. The failure policies of the Republican leadership will not make a difference to President Trump. And even the leadership will not stand behind our President, the American people will.

In closing, I need to let you know not only am I Trump supporter, but I am retired military and retired on social security. If the government shuts donw, I would lose both paychecks that I have worked my whole life for. And if the government is shut down, I will place the blame squarely on the chest of Chuckie Schumer, Dicky Durbin, and all the other following sheep in the Democrat Party. And I fully intend to let everyone know that.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

John Velisek

20 year retired military veteran. Have written for IndepentdentSentinel, The Coachs Team, and the Tea Party Network. Born in New York, lives in California. Independent write with a conservative outlook.


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