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How many Polls have we seen in the last 2-3 months?  Maybe a thousand?  And what do 99% of them say is going to be the outcome?  They say that it is “close” but the Clinton ticket will win.

Folks…the real answer is that the polls are wrong…but the outcome is assured because the Clinton Cartel has the election pre-rigged to get her elected.  Why do I say this?  I’ll explain.

Two things stand out…I mean REALLY stand out that reinforce my theory.


I have gone back over the last 60 polls (some smaller samples and some major media samples) and analyzed their polling and have seen a very strategic combination of potential voters.  Some are in small markets, many are in large markets, and many are unclear as to “where” the people reside that are polled by random phone/text numbers.

What do I mean by “strategic”?  Of the polls I’ve analyzed… the sample of potential voters breaks down in the following manner:

Registered Democrat Respondents 47%

Registered Republican Respondents 42%

Independent/Other Respondents 11%

As you can see…the Polls are skewed to favor Democrat responses which will most likely vote 100% Democrat (because by definition they are all “establishment voters or idiots”) whereas the Republican voters may NOT all favor Mr. Trump because he is not an “establishment insider”.

The Independents can go either way.

Based on the average respondent samples we could assume that the poll outcomes will show a Clinton victory.  This is being done intentionally so that when she “does” win the majority votes…it will not be “challenged” as much by voter fraud accusations.  The Media will defend the vote outcome by referring to all the Poll information previously conducted that indicated she had the larger share of a victory margin and any uprising over the outcome will be negated by the skewed pre-voting data and it will be “case closed”. Brilliant, huh?

But here’s the “rub”!


In searching through records of the latest “Presidential Rally’s” I have found several recorded sites that have documented Rally Site Attendance.  The disparity in attendance between the Clinton Rallies and the Trump Rallies are significant.

First, let me report that Trump’s total number of Rallies are more than two-times those of Mrs. Clinton.  This points out her reluctance to engage the “every-day voter” (because they don’t have the capacity for huge corporate donations), the fact that many subjects and topics cannot be “scripted” for her from random questions, and the underlying concern that she is no longer capable of the energy it takes to get out.  As such, her Rally numbers are substantially less than Mr. Trump’s.

Secondly…when we document the actual attendance averages on a per-individual event…the attendance comparison is staggering.  Mrs. Clinton is averaging 1,000 attendees per event.  Mr. Trump is averaging 6,000+ attendees per event.

Who is really energized by their chosen candidate?  It certainly isn’t Mrs. Clinton.  I mean, what does she really have to offer the “regular every-day citizens” of the United States?  It can’t be her hair, her rolling eyes, her teeth, her cackling laugh, her 20+ years of failed political policies or her pant suits, can it??  She’s got NOTHING….except for ONE thing.  The Leftist Media sitting in their plush offices and studios blaring out the news that Clinton is the savior of the United States…because she and her husband and the Democratic Socialists have bought and paid for them!!

There are only so many of these “talking heads and donors” that can actually cast votes.  The regular people out there supporting Clinton are NOT enthused, are NOT showing up at events, and we HOPE will not actually show up to vote.  And based on numbers of Rally turnouts, it appears Mrs. Clinton will not be able to overcome the sheer number of votes cast that the Trump supporters appear ready to do.

This brings me back to the talk of Polls being conducted.  They are wrong and skewed that way intentionally to make it “appear” that the majority are in favor of Clinton.  To withstand and overcome the real voting numbers they are relying on…. Voter Fraud to save them!

It is a known fact among all level-headed intelligent people that Voter Fraud DOES exist.  Hell… Obama himself admitted it happened as far back as 2008 in his first election when he was asked about it and actually “joked” that he was glad Democrats were in charge of the machines in Michigan.  Interesting that Obama now calls Trump un-American for claiming that voter fraud exists.

In 2012, I voted at my precinct for Mr. Romney.  At the final screen where it recapped my voting choices, Mr. Obama popped up as my choice for President.  I reported it immediately and had a polling supervisor come over and verify it.  She said she could not change it and didn’t know the problem.  I was voting in a “swing-state”.  Long story short… I eventually forced them to give me a paper ballot and made my choices.  To this day…I STILL am not convinced my vote got counted.  Hundreds upon hundreds of this same story were documented across the US.  Not ONCE did we hear of a Democrat casting a vote for Obama get recorded as a vote for Romney.  We also did not hear of ANY precinct voting 100% for Romney but we had precincts record 103% for Obama in Michigan.

Don’t dare try and tell me voter fraud is not present!!  IT IS !!!

And THIS is why I state that the Media and the Elitists are conspiring to show Clinton ahead in Polls.  They KNOW that the “true unadulterated” numbers of votes for their candidate are NOT going to happen.  So they are relying on their tried-and-true voter fraud tactics to steal this election!!

The roar of protestors over the election results that show Clinton the winner…will be drowned out by the Media blaring the news that ALL of the Polls “predicted” her victory and then ask why there is such an outrage and blame it on “sore losers”.  This truly is their plan…and if you look close enough at what I’ve documented here and look at the evidence…you might come to the same conclusion.

However…all is not lost!  Because of the 2nd thing I said that “really stood out”…  Voter Enthusiasm for their candidate.  Everybody…and I mean Everybody that loves this Country needs to get off their rear-ends and get to the Voting Booth on Election Day.  If our enthusiasm is demonstrated in actions on that critical day…we can actually “Over-Come” the voter fraud we all know is going to take place!

Never has there been an election of such importance and magnitude as this one.  We ALL MUST cast our vote and physically see to it that every person we know in favor of Trump do the same!  Our future as a Country and Free People literally depends on it.  May God Bless America!


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