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This election could be the greatest test of the American people since the beginning pf the country. Our intelligence, values, and loyalties will al l be tested. It will be a list of many first. Policies of the past will come to fruition.

INTELLIGENCE OR LACK THEROF. Cart blanch statements are to be carefully given when there are many unknowns. Two of the major Republican candidates lied about supporting the eventual nominee. With new voter laws being struck down that allowed purging of nonvoters and requiring a photo ID opens the door for fraud. Add the chance for noncitizens and people that have criminal records. False tax returns have never been filed with false Ids. The problem with voter fraud is one almost has to be caught in the act. Remember 1960 and 2000.

TRUMP and PUTIN. The Clintons gave speeches in Russia. Hillary set the reset button with Putin and sold uranium to Russia. Anyone who ignored the Assad-Putin tie flunks history. Obama has backed down from his red line in the sand and in the Crimea and Ukraine. Trump’s comment about Putin and leadership compared to the cowardice of Obama. Putin and Assad are now in the lead in the battle of Aleppo. The charge that Russia is behind the hacks could be fifty percent correct, but others are involved.

The LEAKS. We have disclosures from Veritas and WikiLeaks that us being ignored because of how they got the information, by the major media, The use of the criminal past is a smoke screen, to keep information away from the American people. O’Keef was convicted of an illegal wiretap and Assage just on the run because of a sexual charge. Our own intelligence and investigative agencies would not do the job. Even without the leaks there was information because of the Freedom of Information Act. There is so much information released by these two people please research for yourself.

DELETED E-MAILS. Careless Hillary had nonprotected server, laptop and numerous blackberries. No one knows what harm was done to national security from much to none in the deletions and destruction. We have questions on use as secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation.

ISSUES. Read the information drops. You will see Hillary’s public face as to compared to her private face. She has attacked Catholics and Evangelicals; Hillary has created few jobs. Only her security matters, not that of the nation. She is for open borders. The size and cost of government will grow. Do you feel safer than eight years ago? Are you better off? Do you want most of Obama’s policies to continue?

VALUES. Crude words and some sexual activity should be off in the weeds based on impact. Lies and cover-ups are middle of the road for impact. From a moral perspective, the crude words and activity should not be the most common.

Lies and actions from public officials have great consequences. Hillary now has a record of lying, only being protected by position o power, corruption and collusion. She has made herself above the law. Congressional testimony, FOIA, Citizens United, Veritas, and WikiLeaks have proven Hillary a liar. Joining Hillary in these lies was: Loretta Lynch. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, President Obama, John Podesta, and Donna Brazile. James Comey just decided to do a poor job of investigating.
Now Hillary says she can’t remember. Is this just another lie or health issue? In previous scandals Hillary was deemed to be unknowing or careless, just below the level for prosecution and witnesses disappearing by a lot of coincidence. Would any of the actions that Hillary has done reach the level of sedition, espionage or the top of them all, treason? In the late 50;s early 60’s. one or two books were published, “None Care Call IT Treason,” and a Texan Looks at Lyndon,” A story about President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Will we ever get the full story on what came out of the private server and Clinton Foundation? Will it be surprise that will only come if Hillary is elected?

Many of our other values are enshrined in our original constitution and most of the amendments. It was set up knowing the basic nature of man, with three branches of power and a system of checks and balances. Man, as in human, has often craved wealth and power, control and. dominion over others. While society has changed, man’s heart has not always followed.

In the Unfired States all relgions have to accept democracy as its base or we have no freedom of religion. Is there a move toward Islam and Sharia law? Should we have so much law be executive order??

LOYALTY. It is great up to a point. Don’t take your spite out on the nation because your candidate lost in the primary. The people wanted an outsider. John Kasich ran a poor national campaign. Jeb is not his brother. Both could be viewed as part of the establishment. George W. worked with both parties, maybe too much so. Obama has ruled like he had a mandate, I won you lost, and became the great divider. My feeling is she will follow Obama in practice.

Thing like Common Core and uncertainty for more government control defeated Jeb. Have the people who were in the administrations of the two previous Bush presidents, know what has really happened under Obama? Action and intelligence from the Clinton administration lead to 911 and the Iraq war.

LIST OF FIRST. Hillary is the first woman candidate for president. Trumps is the first non-politician who has enough name identification to be a nominee. No two candidates have had higher negatives. Integrity in public office means nothing, use the office for personal gain. A business person replaces a community organizer. The community organizer often voted present in his political career. Crude words and some crude behavior are now worse than sexual acts in the past that had no effect on making laws.

EDUCATION. Schools and education have changed greatly in the past fifty years. Prayer and Bible reading were removed from the schools. History has been rewritten to be politically correct. Civics and how to be civil have been removed from the classroom. Vo-tech and trade schools have been demeaned, everyone needs a four -year degree. “No Child Left Behind,” has lowered the top and not raised the bottom, increasing cost due to remedial classes.” Common Core” is more indoctrination then teaching. Bilingual in some cases means teaching in the native tongue and not English.. This is often due to attrition

On the college level student debt has grown, while new job opportunity has lagged. We have more Bachelor of Ares to ditch the math of Bachelor of Science degrees and labs.

Please don’t automatically take the major media as the full truth. Issues and policy should top race and gender, an astute business man will bring in the expert help he needs. A business person spends their own money or that of a voluntary give. A politician spends your money and uses his position to gain more.

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