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People have latched onto the word Islamophobia like it has some special meaning that is aimed at people who embrace the Islamic faith.  Yet they ignore the fact that people who call others who don’t agree with their beliefs infidels who are not only considered lessor individuals but should be killed or enslaved.  What is the instituting thought?  Should you not discriminate against those who are willing to kill or enslave you from the ones who are willing to accept your way of life and protect individual rights?  By what stretch of the imagination should you give the benefit of the doubt to those who practice hate for infidels ( which you are classified as ) and accept some guilt for assuming they  mean what they say and preach.

Don’t pick on a class of people whether they are a different color , a different origin or a different religion is the mantra but what about a class of people who act to destroy your culture , your rights and your freedom?  Is this not the definition of an enemy?  The argument goes that most Muslims are peaceful and have no intention to kill or implement Sharia law but the facts indicate otherwise.  The proof is readily available to dispel this myth.  The chaos  in Europe is an example that cannot be overlooked.  The statement by loud mouthed Imams that condemns the infidel ( that’s you and me ) because we are not swallowing their mythological crap.  And yet we hear by many “infidels” that we should not isolate these fanatics and their followers as they all do not fall under the depiction of Islamic terrorists.  Let me ask you something?  If a country is taken over either by invasion or non-assimilation is the country not conquered? The methods are either conquest by force or conquest by overwhelming non-assimilation.  The result is the same ,conquest.  This is spelled out in the Islamic teaching, it is displayed by cities and countries that have succumbed and the trend is not abated.

What kind of a thought process asks for absolution of a killing ideology in the name of islamophobia,  while ignoring the ideology is using the same depiction for infidels and ignoring the use of infidelaphobia?  The Islamists do not want themselves to be discriminated against but they discriminate against all infidels who do not accept their beliefs.  This double standard seems to evade the thought process of our leaders and press who are too hung up on the Christian theology of forgiveness to not realize this is what sent the Jew to the gas ovens and will decimate all who do not subscribe to the barbarous plans for the infidels.

How this simple fact is overlooked and evaded by politicians and pundits is beyond comprehension.  Either the politicians and pundits are too stupid to understand the reality that will wipe them out or they have a depth wish to sacrifice their lives and their loved ones in the hope that a sanction of a vicious religion is somehow virtuous. Politicians and pundits don’t question what is true only if polls indicate what they should say.  They have a voice that is broadcast daily but has the substance of propaganda.  Catering to political favorites, latching on to some religious sanctity that isn’t warranted, mouthing platitudes of politicians and academics and pointing to polls that sample the uniformed is their total operation.  Never a hard question, never a stance of integrity, never a recognition that anything except bowing to a religion out of fear of some reprisal comes out of their mouth. This is not a free press but a wimpy bunch of cowards afraid more of whether they are “mainstream” than right.

It really doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize the discrimination the Muslims are chanting about is exactly the same discrimination they recognize and practice.  They do not want to pointed out as evil but they call infidels evil, not because they are anything but in disagreement with them. This double standard needs ot be called out and rejected.  You Muslims want to put infidels in a box and by this action you are putting yourself in the same box.  Just as the Nazis and the Communists killed those who didn’t accept their beliefs so too you Muslims are attempting the same approach under the cloak of religion as if that was sufficient to excuse your demagoguery.  Until you reject the notion that you are interested in conquest and trying to hide under religious persecution which you openly practice, there will be not sympathy for your cause, no surrender to your threats and yes Islamophobia will be the response.  Expect it and realize it is the only response you can expect due to your infidelaphobiic  ways.


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