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In a surprise attack on Thursday, video of which will be aired on Sunday, Clinton campaign staffers attacked and insulted Trump surrogates including Kellyanne Conway at a 2016 Election recap sponsored by Harvard University. What was intended to be a discussion and summary of the 2016 election and campaign at the Harvard School of Politics turned into an insult-filled bully-pulpit led by the Clinton staffers in attendance.


Clinton’s campaign accused the Trump campaign on multiple occasions of lying with Clinton Chief Strategist Joel Benenson claiming that the Trump campaign won only because of sending “dog whistles” and campaigning using racial overtones that”brainwashed” white voters. 


Benenson claimed Trump didn’t win to make America great again or because of his economic promises and argued that voters concerned about the economy voted for Clinton while all of Trump’s voters voted for the President-Elect because they believed minorities are favored in this country.


Clinton lap-dogs Jennifer Palmeiri and Karen Finney joined the fray when they argued the Trump campaign won the election by elevating a “white supremacist message”. Kellyanne Conway, who the comment appeared to be directed, responded by asking “Are you going look me in the face and say I provided a platform for white supremacists?”. Both Palmeiri and Finney nodded yes.


“I would rather lose than win the way you did,” Palmieri responded.


“You guys are pathetic,” Trump adviser David Bossie replied.


Bossie and Conway responded by stating that the Clinton campaign couldn’t handle the reason why Clinton lost – because she was a bad candidate, with a lot of baggage, who the American people simply rejected. 


Clinton confidante Mandy Grunwald continued that attack by claiming the Trump campaign had used “dark arts” to win the campaign.


The Clinton supporters painted a narrative that blamed unfair media coverage, a double standard because she was a female, the Russians “meddling in the campaign”, and James Comey “changing the game on purpose for Trump”.


Frankly it’s difficult to hear the Clinton spin machine without breaking into unbridled laughter. It’s difficult to tell if these people actually believe their own words or are borderline insane. In either case, the outbursts were entirely inappropriate, unprofessional, and are a clear indication of how desperate the Clinton staffers are to re-write history by attacking anyone related to President Trump at any opportunity they may have.


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