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This week brings yet another reminder of the infidelities of what the mainstream media would have us believe is just more “Old News”….With Tuesday’s confirmation that Bill Cosby’s sexual transgressions will be litigated, with all the smoke and fire of a sensationalized Sex packed trial airing all manner of sordid details about the actions of Mr. Cosby over the many years his accusers have chronicled.

Then leaving, as always, the Public at large to discern fact from fiction, truth from lies, or the perceived machinations of possibly scorned women seeking their day in court, their 15 minutes of fame or any and all public notoriety at this point….but maybe….and just maybe their stories are all true…quite possibly.

This “Bill”….just an entertainer, never sought or elected to public office, certainly never a president of the United States, will experience the full wrath of the justice system as it is currently configured in the rarified air of Political Correctness and the current state of “Affairs” as dictated and accepted by the latest iteration of Polite Society.

Meanwhile….another “Bill”….William Jefferson Clinton, has NEVER been properly exposed, or deposed about his many similar and arguably far worse misdeeds. He has never answered fully and properly to the full weight of his many and quite credible accusers.  He has never experienced the all encompassing interrogatories or any fair portion of a factual in depth journalistic investigation into his sordid and depraved actions that anyone else, and most certainly, a Republican counterpart, would expect to receive once discovered or accused.

But… these times are not the mid and late 1990s….the Clinton Machine is foundering…no longer the omnipotent, media master control juggernaut of the Democrat Party. The power of the Clintons is visibly ebbing….from the gaunt geriatric appearance of a weakened and spent Bill Clinton to the aging joyless and miserable Cruella de Vil-esque character that Hillary has become…their moment has passed…and now, a curious retribution is about to take place.

That retribution will be meted out by what only a year ago would have been a fantastic scenario…the Republican candidacy of one Donald J. Trump.

Unlike Republican Standard Bearers of the past, Trump cannot be counted on to “Play Nice” or Gutless….or Timid…or just plain Stupid as the typical Republican pabulum quality candidate that is usually fielded against something like a Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side. No… Trump is MUCH different.  He wades like a raging bull into the Clinton’s Quaint Chappaqua China Shop with bold abandon, happily crushing and destroying every rule and self limiting Republican convention in his path, and the prime target right now is Bill Clinton…on the way to Hillary.

Like him or not-Trump will never be contained by any real or perceived Marquis of Queensberry rules of engagement that has too long governed the political discourse of Republican Politics, presidential and otherwise.  No—Mr. Trump will tear Bill and Hillary Clinton down to the sub basement, like some moldering old Lower East Side tenement building, and he’ll do so with relish.

Bill Clinton’s infidelities, the shady Clinton dealings, Hillary’s ongoing email Sleight of Hand, the sell outs and all other manner of their Machiavellian lives will soon be laid bare. As Bill’s coequal partner in crime, Hillary, an as of yet unindicted co-conspirator, or perhaps even mastermind of many of the myriad frauds and scandals we associate with the Clintons, will suffer the hammer blow of crushing defeat and in the end, an ignominious exit, once and for all, from public life.

And through it all one thing was, is and always will remain sure—Bill Clinton IS a misogynist—a merciless user and destroyer of women.   From Broaddrick to Jones to Willey, Flowers and Lewinsky, and who knows how many others….Bill Clinton has damaged and outright ruined many women’s lives. And now, by some curious twist of Political Fate these misdeeds, lies and scandals will at long last, all be fully and completely aired, by way of a brash Manhattan Billionaire, and as a result, a total accounting will be submitted for payment in full, with all penalties and accrued interest attached for good measure.

The costs will be stunning, heavy and devastating for the House of Clinton…..

The “Bills” have come finally come due.


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