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An individual responding to this writer’s missive “The Real Definition of Liberalism” (Note: Do not think the title was that of this writer…), claimed that Jesus was a “liberal.”

As we have explained in a number of posts “liberalism” is an ideology and ideologies are corollaries of denying objective reality (i.e., existence intelligently ordered independently of the subjective human consciousness/mind) which is why we did not include Islam among our incomplete list of ideologies (Islam does not deny an ordered existence independent of the subjective mind; Islam subordinates the Mind of Allah to Allah’s Will, and reality is – as a consequence – rendered capricious and irrational, but still independent of the subjective human mind; Islam is an irrational systematized theology, not an ideology! Ideology – once reducing reality to the subjective mind either eliminates God or renders the concept of God agreeable to the subjective conception of reality…) included in the post “Regarding Ideologies.”

Now since Jesus is God – the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity – it would be contradictory for Jesus to subordinate reality, objectively ordered – ordered by Himself (Note: the Trinity is never in discord) – to a subjective system of thought which a priori (before and independent of the fact of existence) jettisons those aspects of reality which self-aggrandizing humans find unsettling e.g., that abortion is murder, sodomy is contrary to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God (i.e., the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob i.e., the Trinity of which – as previously stated Jesus is person #2) that LGBQT is an expanding group of souls ordered in opposition to their essences and many, many moral truths of existence which are morally incompatible with the person of Jesus Christ and the intention of His Creation.

Those that think Jesus is a liberal – we opine – do so because his concern for the disenfranchised i.e., the “least of His brethren,” but we think this is wrong on at least 2 counts, viz:

1.) The “least of his brethren” may include Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet and others drowning in material wealth; although Matthew 25:31-40 seems to address only the physically disadvantaged, the affluent may be hungering and thirsting for truth, unwelcome (isolated by wealth; authentic caring relationships may be almost impossible for some affluent…), naked, ill or in prison (? Not every person lacks all, moreover Matthew 25: 31-40 was not an exhaustive detailed listing…).


2.) Concern for the disenfranchised is a moral imperative of the Creator for His creatures; the Master is delivering in Matthew 25: 31-40 the conditions of Salvation (Jesus redeems the entire human race, but saves not a single soul…) whereby the righteous have enlisted in Christ’s life of reconciling the world to the Will of His Father in Heaven…

The mission Jesus gives His Church before he returned to the Father was to bring all  in agreement with the Father’s Will, but human free-will allows humans to reject the Father’s Will for their own will (Matthew 25: 41-46 describes the condition of the damned!); Liberalism is a rejection of objective reality and the God that Created and ordered reality!

The Liberal (as all social-political Leftists; note all ideologies are social-political Left…) feigns concern for the disadvantaged so as to manipulate/seduce those people to empower themselves; they appropriate Jesus concern for the disadvantaged so as to use the disadvantaged and as to use Jesus to appear to align themselves with Righteousness. Those “Christians” that wrongly claim Christ was a “liberal” help the wicked achieve their quest for power. Jesus was apolitical; fulfilling the Father’s Will was his interest, and that Will included the mission whereby we humans may join in the mission to reconcile the world to God’s Will!

Much more could be written on this topic, but we end here, noting that to claim Jesus Christ is a liberal is either objectively wicked, criminally inane or both!

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