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Donald Trump is hosting a survey asking us what points he should make in his debates with Hillary. (Sept 26, Oct 9, 19; VP debate, Oct 4) The survey doesn’t just let you pick from multiple choice canned answers to finely spun questions, but lets you write your own answers to unusually spin-free questions.

The 30-question survey covers not only issues but Trump’s style. Every question is followed by a text box where you can enter your own narrative answer.

The survey probably sets a world record for a national leader offering to process that much detailed input from so many millions of people. It surely sets a record for willingness to host the “multitude of counsellors” which Proverbs 15:22 promises will guarantee success. My longest answer to him was 1291 characters, and that wasn’t long enough to trigger a warning that I had exceeded the space limit.

This is your chance to educate him. I pray you will take it, and I pray you will consider reinforcing some of the points I made to him, as you submit your own.

I provided him information about immigration about which he is tragically ignorant. He wants to know what we think about him talking about “radical Islam” – I said if he really wants to take a stand, admit that it is orthodox Islam at war with us. I articulated the problem with his “tell it like it is” style – not his honesty, but his personal attacks – and said he should not promote himself as a “tough negotiator” as a substitute for telling voters what he is planning to negotiate.

Here are my narrative answers to him:


12. Should Trump attack Hillary’s plan to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants and refusal to secure the border? (Yes?  No?  No opinion? Other, please specify:)

Your’re wrong. Security will be a lot easier when you let all those who want to just come and work hard, through a legal gate where they can all be vetted, leaving the criminals and terrorists to come between the checkpoints, a lot fewer people, easier to catch. As for the economic claims that justify numerically limiting immigration, they are supported ONLY by Undocumented Economists with ZERO economics credentials – Sam Clovis for example – real economists have virtual consensus in a much more positive view. See

[Sam Clovis became Trump’s national co-chair after he did well in a Republican primary for the U.S. Senate from Iowa. He is as much against current levels of immigration as anyone, which made him a popular guest on WHO radio in Des Moines. He was an Air Force pilot, and professor at Morningside College. At one of his first campaign events I told him about my findings about the economic benefits of more immigration, according to credentialed economists. He cut me short, and said he knows that is rubbish, because he is himself an economist. However, his biography does not list economics as anything that he has ever majored in. He studied political science, public administration, and got an MBA. I mention Sam in my answer because whoever processes these surveys will know him, and I hope my statement will make him curious. He may show my answer to Sam: I pray the simple fact I present, of his own lack of qualifications to publicly stand on the nonsense he does, will somehow pry open his closed mind at least a little.]

30. (Optional) Please provide any feedback that you think Mr. Trump will find useful in his big debate with Hillary.

As I said at #12 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider that the national immigration discussion has been hijacked by 7 Undocumented Economists who claim expertise on the economic impact of immigration yet who never cared enough about correctly understanding economics to make that their major in college. Sam Clovis makes 8.

See my list at or email me to address any specific questions. Or call 515-480-3398.

See my evidence that E-verify can’t even achieve its stated goal of reducing undocumented immigration, and why; and why it would be even worse for America if it were effective, because that takes a national database of everybody, which can be loaded into surveillance cameras across America which would spell the end of Freedom.

See my Bible studies, where God agrees with economists that America, its citizens, and our economy really needs, right now, a lot more legal immigration of those who just want to work hard.

To dismiss all this evidence of economists, and of Scripture, to trust seven Undocumented Economists (8 if you count Sam Clovis, who told me he is an “economist” but who doesn’t list that subject among his college majors) is crippling the survival of our nation and is fast-tracking Mark Of the Beast technology.


8. Should Trump call out Hillary’s reluctance to say “radical Islamic terrorism” and her underlying fear of being politically incorrect? (Yes, No, No opinion, Other, please specify:)

If you want to really take a stand, acknowledge that terrorism is not radical Islam but is Islam itself. Our courts, and the Bible, draw the same line between belief and criminal action: Employment Division v. Smith, you can believe anything you want but if you preach actions which our crimes, by the vote of the majority of our population, that’s incitement to crime. That’s prosecutable.


9. Should Trump contrast his tell-it-like-it-is attitude with Hillary’s running list of lies, corruption, and deceit? (Yes,  No, No opinion, Other, please specify:)

The concern with Trump’s style is not his frankness but his personal attacks. I’m not sure you should brag about it.


18. Should Trump call out Hillary’s failed promise to bring jobs to upstate New York as senator? (Yes, No, No opinion, Other, please specify:)

It’s not government’s role to create jobs, but to get regulations and taxes out of the way so entrepreneurs can create them.


20. Should Trump contrast himself as a tough negotiator with Hillary’s history of waging endless wars that fail miserably? (Yes, No, No opinion, Other, please specify:)

The turnoff with Trump casting himself as a “tough negotiator”, as an alternative to telling us exactly what he will demand, is that we don’t want to wait until after the election to find out what he will demand. Secretaries of State don’t wage wars. Presidents do, with or without Congress.

RATING TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN: neither conservative nor liberal

29. How would you rate Trump’s campaign? (Too conservative, Too liberal, Too moderate, Just right, Other, please specify:)

Definitely not conservative. Not liberal. Populist. Trump seems new to a lot of issues, and picks up populist lingo but seems not to have depth of understanding of them. The hope of conservatives like me is that he has surrounded himself with conservatives and burned bridges to the Democratic Party, so in order to accomplish anything at all he will need to get along with conservatives.


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