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The Democrats are using an intimidation tactic which they are prone ot use incessantly.  If you question the veracity of a black president’s birth certificate you are racist.  That is the outright claim of Lynn Sweet Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times made on Fox News.  Consider the slanted claim that if a president is black and his birth certificate is called into question the conclusion is you must be a racist.  What is wrong with this obvious non sequitur?

First of all there is evidence the birth certificate presented was altered. This is discounted by the claims that whoever presented this must be racist.  Secondly the social security presented of Barrack Obama was issued in Connecticut where there is no record of him domiciling there.  Third the hospital that issued his birth certificate in Hawaii didn’t exist when it was “issued”.  Fourth an examination of the birth certificate produced several errors that could only be attributed to falsification. Has an unquestioned birth certificate ever been presented?  No , only a cry of racism when the request is made.  They can’t produce an original document and they then rely on the smear of ‘birther” and racism to substantiate that which they can produce no physical evidence of.  Sadly Donald Trump has bowed to their intimidation techniques and claims the issue is over since he now believes Obama was born in the U.S.   Does he have some evidence to support this?  Or is he simply accepting the intimidation of the Democrats to believe in spite of a lack of evidence?

Anyone  who is asked to present a birth certificate has to produce an unaltered original.  Our President did not.  Bill O’Reilly caved on this issue just as he caved on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. When an issue is politically sensitive and the Democrats put out their intimidation call, whatever is suspect is immediately backed away from.  The message of fair and balanced and unafraid should be qualified by we are only afraid of the Democrat’s intimidation tactics.

What else explains this reluctance to question and investigate?  It could not be the credentials of the people who discounted the veracity of the birth certificate.  These were experts in determining whether or not a document had been doctored or not.  Yet they were ignored.  Why?  Because of the intimidation tactics of the Democrats who can neither face the truth or are not willing to supply evidence for what they adamantly claim is true.

The reason America is headed in the wrong direction can be reduced to a simple action.  The willingness to avoid the truth.  This is evident in both the perpetrators and the submissive that bow to the tactics that distort what is to what “we “ want you to believe.  If you question minimum wage laws you are for starving people, if you question a woman’s right to choose you are a baby killer, if you oppose illegal immigration you are not compassionate.  The unquestioning goes on  and on.

What then are people relying on.  One word…”faith”. People who don’t question have accepted the idea that faith will get them through.  By not questioning they accept what is and is being shoved down their throats as the way things are.  But the intimidators don’t accept that , they have a mission to win at any cost.  if lies are necessary , then lying must be done.  Hillary is the epitome of this philosophy.  That is why she has loyal supporters because they recognize she speaks to their intimidation methodology which they recognize and endorse.  The birther issue brought this difference in tactics to  the front and you see who wins when it is accepted and cowed to.  Presenting evidence and logic trumps this tactic but the Republicans are simply willing to accept non-evidence in the name of expediency.  This won;t work.  Truth is the way to a greater America and bowing to intimidation only erodes the foundation that America can grow on.

Stand up you “deplorables” and demand they produce a valid birth certificate and explain that such is the requirement of all who run or hold office.  Or you can simply bow your head and rationalize that it just isn’t worth it to know the truth. By doing so you might actually become a true deplorable.


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