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It is pretty elementary for those with common sense :however, politicians need to be educated on a constant basis.  When you are used to granting and seeking favors and trying to avoid controversy that might affect your election prospects you tend to forget there are truths that transcend your narrow focus.  An example is the War with Islam that is being ignored, placated, excused, denied and evaded.


Islam has explicitly stated they are at war with the infidels and the Great Satan (America). This is a declaration of war.  It is not some nut job on a weed high, an unadjusted aberration, an extremist or some confused innocent.  It is war just as any other way we have experienced it in that the Islamists want to conquer us and subject us to their barbarianism.  They don’t seek a truce, they don’t want an armistice, they openly and continually shout their irrationality , their desire to kill us and their dream of a worldwide Caliphate.  Anyone who can deny this is simply delusional.  The evidence is available and ever increasing.


The role of religion is a robe of deception to gain fanatical followers and seek an exception from those who recognize and declare the truth.  On what grounds?  The grounds of claiming divine justification which all religions claim. For what else can deny truth without proof but a religion?  The politicians intent on not disturbing a constituency ,spin and deny religion has anything to do with the movement ( war ).  Why?  Because they are afraid that if they attack a religion they may be accused of attacking freedom of religion. This by the way, the Islamists recognize and utilize.


Nazism did not claim to be a religion although it practiced much of what the Islamists do.  They tortured, they denounced the non-Aryans and they sought to conquer the world.  Had they clamped onto the notion that they were a religion, how do you suppose American politicians would have responded? Would they dismiss the atrocities and conquests as an aspect of religion freedom?  Would they have said the moderate Nazis were not a danger , only the radicalized Nazis?  See what introducing religion does to disarm common sense.  The tag that an anti-life ideology is somehow acceptable if it calls itself a religion is a scam that needs to be addressed and rejected.  Those wanting to protect religious liberty can’t have it both ways.  You cannot protect a religion that is intent on destroying your religion ( no matter how forgiving it may profess to be) and expect to survive.


Going through the rituals of a religion doesn’t make a religion acceptable.  Citing a book or a myth or a prophet are only human attempts to make divine what in reality is myth. Religions are only tolerable if they respect individual rights.  Those that claim the title of religion and don’t respect individual rights are unacceptable religions.  Islam falls into that category.  The founding fathers recognized this in the First Amendment that established a separation of state and religion.  Islam doesn’t promote or support this but tries to deny and subvert it.  This makes it an unacceptable religion in the eyes of the founding fathers. By the way since this is an integral part the Constitution it should wake up those politicians who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution.


Now as to the issue of how to fight a war that has been declared on the United States by Islam.  First you make a declaration that specifies your discontent with their threats and attacks.  Specify you realize they do not want peace and therefore they must want war.  Since rational discourse is out of the question only armed conflict is required.  Point out this will not be a limited war but an all out attack on all that supports , encourages and allies with the Islamic State.  We will not surrender our form of government to barbaric notions of conquest.  We will use whatever is necessary to destroy the enemy and obtain total and complete victory.  We will require complete renunciation of future threats and a commitment to respect and promote individual rights.


We are primarily a rational and peaceful country and we would prefer they would recognize that their barbaric notions of conquest are irrational and will not be discussed.  Should they renounce the threats and attacks and act in accordance with civilized behavior we will leave them alone.  If it turns out they are lying  the devastation will being and not cease until total victory and unconditional surrender has been attained. This is how you win a war with he irrational.  You don’t use diplomacy, you don’t placate and you don’t bribe.  You fight and you win.


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