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I, in no way, want to disparage Larry Klayman or Freedom Watch. They are doing important, perhaps vital, work, but after reading this posting , I just had to put pen to paper, so to speak.

I agree 100% with Klayman that the IG report is a whitewash and a cover-up. A careful look at the report shows oddities in type style and size, margins, formatting and tabs. All of this is a sure sign of editing(redacting). I write, I edit, I know. It is not even a good job of editing. Someone is not so smart as they think. The report was not released directly from Horowitz(the IG)’s office, but rather routed through his immediate superior, Rod Rosenstein as this is proper protocol. Rosenstein, however, is already known to have a conflict of interest in this, if for no other reason, he is a witness to some of the things being investigated. He is the very one who recommended Comey’s firing. He also signed at least one of the FISA warrant application renewals. I have little doubt that his name appeared throughout the original document.

Klayman is also right about it containing certain factual findings, but there are a lot more than what he mentions scattered throughout the 568 page document. It’s going to take a while and many eyes to collect all these crumbs. He’s also correct about it holding “no one accountable to the bar of justice.“ That was not it’s purpose. It is a report. The IG’s office has no prosecutorial powers, all they can do is make a referral, criminal or otherwise.

I totally disagree with his assessment of Wray. I believe Wray to be a man of sound character, caught in a very hard place. His main role as the head of the FBI right now has to be to preserve the morale at the agency and work to repair the damage done. Referring the findings to the OPR (the agency’s internal affairs division) is exactly the proper protocol. Can they be trusted? Well, they did recommend firing McCabe, didn’t they?

Klayman then goes on to claim that Fox News has hyped this report to boost ratings. “Profiteering”  he calls it, while at the same time using the same tactics to plug himself and Freedom Watch. “Only we can save the day!” This is not only disappointing, but also unnecessary. We like Freedom Watch. We trust Freedom Watch. We look forward to their vigorous participation in this. If they needed our financial help, all they had to do was ask.

I fully agree with his bemoaning of what appears to be a two-tiered justice system, and the grievances he lists, and the results he desires. However, I remind you again, this is just a REPORT, and a very flawed and incomplete one at that. We know Klayman’s creds, and he doesn’t need the hyperbole. His calls for a Citizen’s action I am very sympathetic with, and wish him (and us) fair winds with that. We all should be aware and active in these times, however Klayman ( and many, many other people seem to have forgotten what Jeff Sessions has set in motion. Sessions is not the weak, addled AG that many are portraying him to be, but one smart, sneaky SOB.  This was not done in secret, as it may well have been done as so few people are paying attention to it, or realize the significance of it, but rather in full public view. Since Nov. 2017, Utah federal prosecutor John W. Huber has been paired with IG Horowitz in this investigation. What does this mean? Huber has had access to the entire UNREDACTED findings of Horowitz. Huber has had access to the 470+ investigators from the OIG.  Huber is located in Utah, about as far from the stench and corruption of D.C. as you can get.  Huber has the authority to convene grand juries and to convene them ANYWHERE in the U.S. What has he done? Well, we don’t really know for sure because law enforcement seldom, if ever, comments on ongoing cases, and there have been no leaks. The rise in the number of sealed indictments might give us a clue, though. Lastly, and most importantly, Huber has the authority to PROSECUTE!

So, once again, while I firmly applaud Freedom Watch and endorse everything that they are doing and attempting to do and wish them (and us) great success in righting the mess that our justice system has become, I offer the opinion that , while they are vitally important, Freedom Watch is NOT the only game in town, and I gently suggest that Larry turn down the hyperbole, cut out the self-serving rhetoric, and do what he does best. Patience is not easy. We are with you!

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