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The move by Britain is not just about escaping the EU; it’s about moving toward a one world currency or monetary system.

First, it should be understood that this move by Britain to leave the EU was definitely engineered and planned by the international world bankers. The goal of the bankers is a one world money system.

I believe if you want to arrive at political truth, there are two important questions you must answer correctly: (1) the “why” and (2) the “How.” The “why” is the reason or motivation for the “how.” If you listen to the American media they give you their pro-New World Order version of the “how ” but they never tell you the “why.” That is, the Establishment will never be honest with the American people and give Americans the real reason for their actions (the “how”).  If the American media told Americans the truth (that is, the “why ”) Americans would reject the “how.” For example, “Why did George W Bush invade Iraq in March of 2003?” George W Bush, the Establishments man, told the American people that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Therefore Iraq was a threat to the Middle East, particularly to Israel. (Later, the U.N. discovers that Bush’s reason for invading Iraq was a lie.)Therefore, Iraq had to be stopped. However, the most important reason for the Iraq invasion which the Establishment would never tell you was that Iraq’s central banking system was not hooked up to the Rothschild central banking system. That is one of the most important reasons Bush invaded Iraq. By the way, Iran and Syria central banking systems are also not hooked up to the Rothschild central banking system yet either. Therefore, the Rothschild’s do not have complete control of the Middle East yet.

Ok, let’s back to Britain leaving the EU.

Britain’s move to leave the European Union (EU) and the Eurodollar will trigger the collapse of the EU and more importantly the collapse of the Euro Dollar. Britain was the biggest supporter of the EU and the Euro Dollar. With Britain out of the way, the EU and the Euro Dollar is sure to collapse.

This move by Britain to leave the EU has already had its effects in the U.S. The Dow lost over 600 points Friday, and will probably continue to lose.

Of course, it won’t be just the United States Dollar (USD)/Federal Reserve Note (FRN) affected. This will affect at least 200 foreign currencies that are connected to the Rothschild central banking system. But more than likely, it will affect all the world currencies, even none Rothschild’s.

A currency correction (global reset of currencies) is expected soon. It is not known when the EU will collapse and the USD/FRN will lose its value. This currency correction will happen not just in the U.S. but worldwide.

The Establishments goal by getting Britain out of the EU, of course, is to create a monetary collapse and replace all the currencies of the world with a one world currency or establish a one world money system.

I think it’s important to also understand that paper money is imaginary money; it’s not real money. Therefore paper money can easily be manipulated more so than real money such as gold or silver. Paper money is monopoly money.

Unless gold and silver are reintroduced as the backer of paper money and the digital money, the entire money system could collapse again after the currency correction. We will see what happens.

When this currency correction happens, the USD is expected to lose about 40% of its buying power mainly because of America’s $19 trillion national debt. No doubt this is why Obama, the Democrats, and the American media are desperately trying to disarm America. If there is chaos because of the greatly weakened USD when the currency correction happens they don’t want Americans to be able to resist or even overthrow the government. If there is a greatly weakened USD that means that prices will begin to rise sharply, especially food prices and gas.

It might be wise to take as much money out of the bank as soon as possible. The government has already passed a law that says any money that you have does not belong to you; it belongs to the government. Therefore the IRS could easily steal your money from your bank account.

Also, remember that the information in the American news is completely controlled by the Illuminati (international world Bankers). As many of you know, the Illuminati are not one bit interested in the health and financial well-being of Americans. They only do whatever is in their best interest. Therefore I would be extremely careful what you believe in the American news media.


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