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George Will must have seen the writing on the wall. He announced over the weekend, making it official and quite final, he had earlier this month departed the Republican Party. With the BREXIT win overcoming the drive for open borders in Britain and with Donald Trump’s successful linkage of the BREXIT win in the UK with his own winning campaign to Make America Great Again by restoring America’s sovereignty over its own borders, Trump united the will of the people in Great Britain with the will of voters in the United States to upend the globalist’s open borders free-for-all, world-wide. That was simply too much for Will.

Add to this, Trump flew to Scotland to open a golf course. Republican experts said it was a waste of precious time, ill advised, all about his ego; at a time when Trump The Candidate should have been campaigning on “the issues” in “swing states,” which unexpected results brings to mind a Pirates of the Caribbean line. A mast cracks and drops immediately after the crew is ordered to make their ship ready for pursuit of The Captain Jack Sparrow. Whereupon a British officer asks, “Do you think he plans this all out ahead of time? Or does he just make it up as he goes?”

Whether Trump saw the opportunity ahead of time, before he so much as penciled the event into his day planner; or whether he realized in Scotland while addressing the crowd the opportunity that was his to make his presidential campaign a world-wide campaign to push back on open borders might be an intriguing question to dwell upon. More interesting is it though to consider if Trump’s doubling down on BREXIT was the straw that broke the camel’s back, when Will realized despite all establishment and Cruz efforts to the contrary, Trump now has the Republican party firmly in hand, having transformed his campaign into something greater than itself, having given the Republican voter a beautiful, resplendent vision of a future they can latch onto, to fight and die for, if necessary. Rather than as a menace looming before them, The Wall now rises before them, giving promise of an ever higher and higher resistance to a world run amuck by the strange alliance of the sons of Marx, Mohammed, Sanger, Sodom, and Nimrod.

For BREXIT and THE WALL are a marriage made in Heaven, certainly not for the faint of heart here on Earth. During the past three weeks all wings of the media from Stephanopoulos to Kelly, also including all stripes of Republican pundits, Cruz supporters, Bush Rovers, and Kristol gazers declared the Trump campaign on life support. They pointed to Trump’s latest poll numbers low in some states compared to Hillary. They noted Trump’s most recent fund raising numbers much, much less than Hillary’s. His detractors showed us Hillary’s staff outnumbered Trump’s staff seven hundred to seventy. They felt they had to remind us we voters have been watching Hillary’s nauseating, outrageous attack ads for weeks now, while Trump answered with very little if any of his own. Then the kicker, a servant arrived to report with feigned sadness, “Lazarus is dead, trouble yourself no longer.” Upon persistence to raise Lazarus was heard, “Are you kidding? He’s been dead four days now, and he really stinks.” Then BREXIT rolled the stone away….

The raising must have been so disheartening to the #NeverTrump. So much so it drove Will over the edge. “Oh the humanity!” was heard. And that just when, in the nick of time, Virginia Congressman Carroll Boston Correll arrived on a court’s doorstep with his suit in hand, because he could not in good conscience (or proper dress) follow his state’s mandated obligation to vote for Virginia’s presidential primary winner on the first ballot. Has anyone asked how is it possible Correll was selected to be a Trump delegate? No red flag? Hint: he was Cruz’s campaign co-chair in Virginia’s 10th congressional district.

Has republic vanished from the Republican Party? Is it now the An Party? Let’s superimpose the concept of our republican form of government on the Republican Party Convention. In our republic voters elect individuals to represent them in Congress in Washington DC. In a republic voters know exactly who they are sending to represent them. In many cases, possibly almost all, Republican primary and caucus voters do not at the time of their vote know who they are sending to represent them at the Republican Party Convention. In many instances the delegate is chosen later, after the primary or caucus results have been announced. In many states it is taken for granted before the primary or caucus who will be sent to the convention: the party faithful of all stripes, family members of the party faithful, precinct captains, elected officials, and their friends, donors, and bundlers. In some caucus and primary states any and all that show up at their delegate selection events help decide who goes to the convention, regardless who they support. (All the above an explanation why the requirement was put in place to begin with, to give the voters a voice for at least a small moment of time at the convention, even if it be only during the first calling of the roll.)

Voters should be asking, “Why show up to vote at all?” If those who win the vote do not select their very own delegates, what is the point of holding primary elections or caucus events in the first place? (For that matter, for another time and place, why open primaries?) Being a well informed member of the media establishment, George Will likely knew the Virginia congressman was in motion to challenge his state’s requirement he must vote for Trump at the first roll call. If so he would have known if the courts ruled the requirement void for one delegate, all or any of Virginia’s delegates also would have been released to vote as they please. He might have suspected the courts’ rulings would impact all the states’ delegations. Maybe it was a fifty-fifty chance the rule would be abandoned. Regardless, Will bolted, announced he had fled his party, wanting nothing at all to do with a newly empowered Republican Party involved in world-wide opposition to open borders.

Perhaps George Will realized despite his and others’ opposition, regardless the outcome of Correll’s court challenge, the Republican Party is today, irreversibly, a beautiful, Yuge ReTrumplican Party, all ready to ascend and dominate the world stage.

From Buchanan’s blog,“That was simply too much for Will”:

“Is he [Trump] wrong? Or are free trade and open borders now articles of faith, defined dogma, denial of which gets you excommunicated from the party of Gerson and Will?”


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