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Liberals believe Trump is bringing back slavery.  They don’t understand how people could vote for Trump and their dysfunctional beliefs were exemplified on the 1/11/17 episode of “black-ish” s3 e12 “Lemons.”

In celebration of MLK Day, the series “black-ish” displayed the leftist racist delusions.  They act like Trump is going to reinstate slavery.  They act like blacks in America are still oppressed, living in shanties and ghettos, being forced to find menial labor as garbage men and toilet cleaners in order to survive.  Like Meryl Streep, these elitist Hollywood fools don’t realize they are boobs who do not appreciate what this nation has done for them and the world.  Instead they think of themselves as subjugated while they are living lives of success – of privilege!

The great Meryl Streep is disgusted with you little people

The bi-line of the episode says it all:

“Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson has a great job, a beautiful wife, Rainbow, four kids, and a colonial home in the ‘burbs. But has success brought too much assimilation for this black family?”

What does “too much assimilation” mean?  That they are living like white people?  In black America that is a crime!  It is a crime of racism, or rather reverse racism.  Not of black supremacy over whites (as warped leftists believe the definition of racism is white supremacy), but hating people of one’s own race for not adhering to your own racist beliefs.  Dre is an advertising exec and his wife a doctor.  Like Bill Cosby and the Huxtables who portrayed how a black family can achieve, but who is now reviled by the Left.

They don’t understand they are being exploited by the Left who tries to browbeat Americans with guilt over their ancestors.  They teach them that their ancestors were kidnapped and killed and enslaved by force, not that their tribal leaders traded them to slavers for trinkets.  For all the inhumanity of slavers, Africans could easily have slaughtered them, but Stone Age chieftains were easily bought off to get rid of some of their unwanted people.

Blacks in America have every opportunity today to advance and shows like “black-ish” that portrays blacks working in an advertising company getting six figure salaries, but whines about how blacks are oppressed, is a galactic joke.  The only blacks who still live in ghettos are those who vote Democrat and refuse to be educated or go to work!  They would rather live on welfare, do drugs, and shoot each other.  Then they get all upset when they get shot by cops who are trying to protect the good people.  It was sickening to watch Dre whine about how tough blacks have it as he walked out of his conference room on the set earning his seven figure salary – the poor unfortunate!

Leftist delusions

Everything leftists believe is a lie and half of them don’t know it.  Every black they believe to be a victim, like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, were not innocent children murdered by racists, but criminals attacking people who defended themselves.  Every protest, riot, and monument they erect to these criminals is spitting in the eyes of righteousness, justice, truth, and God!

They call Jeff Sessions a racist, but they wholeheartedly supported KKK Grand Dragon Sen. Byrd and stand with Al Sharpton in his racist rants.  How sick is that?  Obama had Holder and Lynch, both racists, used the attorney general’s office to persecute white people and aid blacks in eluding justice.  America has just survived eight years of a racist president who was only elected because he is black – that in itself is racism.

When asked if the people in the episode asked the Trump haters if they would have voted for black men like Justice Thomas, Dr. Carson, or CEO Cain they all scoffed and called them “Oreos” and “House N*ggers”!  Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) a former Democrat responded brilliantly to this slur on Twitter with one word – Senate – because he is not in the “House” of Representatives.  Rep. Lewis (D-GA) on the other hand, called a “civil rights icon” but who has always been a racist agitator, is in the House and he calls Trump’s election “illegitimate.”  But his whole life has been spent being the House N*gger on the Democrat Plantation keeping their voter slaves in line.  No one in his district has had their lives improved in fifty years.  All black districts in America have suffered more and more under Democrat leadership as proven in Chicago where they are killing each other in record numbers.

Black-ish on Trump and Hillary

Former Black Panther says Lewis stooge for Democrats betraying blacks

Then they all complain about Trump being rude and crude.  I grab women by the pussy, too.  It’s a figurative, not literal term (until the woman clearly indicates she wants to have sex).  That doesn’t make me a rapist or misogynist any more than Trump.  It makes us heterosexual men, and to the Left that wants to unman America that’s a crime.  The Left spends its energy in promoting homosexuality as normal and heterosexuality as oppression of what is right.

Saying Hillary is the most qualified person ever to run for president because she was married to a president, and because she worked in Washington is dysfunctional leftist logic.  It’s like saying the most qualified person to be an astronaut is an astronaut’s wife because she was married to an astronaut, and if she worked as a secretary at NASA that makes her even more qualified.  Or saying the most qualified woman to go to the Olympics is a gold medalist’s wife, etc., etc.  It’s no different than Obama saying his administration was scandal free.  That’s like Hillary saying her organization was corruption free, or Al Capone saying his organization was crime free, or Southern Democrats saying their KKK was racism free.  It’s all backwards liberal thinking and dysfunctional leftist logic at its best.

A politician’s only job is getting elected and re-elected.  They don’t have to achieve anything like the people do who learn that Democrats being for the little guy is a fraud and become Republicans.  Trump is a great achiever who knows how to get things done.  Trump’s Cabinet and administration is being populated with achievers whom the Leftarts are demonizing.  Those people deify Obama who has done nothing except raise taxes, put the nation into generational debt, and invited foreigners to invade the country.  Barack Hussein then goes on TV to say he has made America prosperous and brought about world peace and the Leftarts in the media eat it up!  Leftarts would rather have a politician who lies to win a popularity contest than an achiever who actually knows how to make American businesses grow and hire people to prosper.

Rep. Lewis says Trump not a legitimate president

Anthony Anderson, “Dre,” ends the program saying we all need to stop being angry and talk to each other.  But we have been talking!  They don’t want to listen!  The problem is not that the truth and the correct way to run this country are unknown or misunderstood.  The business of America is business, not government.  The purpose of capitalism is to grow business, while the purpose of socialism is to grow government.  God did not put us on this earth to make the government rich, but that’s what has been happening under Democrats.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

Leftarts don’t want to talk to us, they want to talk at us.  They don’t want to talk things over, they want us to tell us how they want it to be.  Until they stop believing what they’re told by leftwing deceivers they will continue to believe what is wrong rather than what is right.

Inauguration blues

This week will not be a celebration of America’s peaceful transition of power.  The Nazi-Communist Left will make sure of it.  They will act violently to try to terrorize Americans for defying their tyranny.  The Secret Service will have to be triply vigilante to protect the members of the Trump administration.  As much as people hated Obama it has always been leftists who committed assassinations of presidents.  Members of the Democrat Party say Donald Trump is not a legitimate president.  I say the members of the Democrat Party are not legitimate Americans.

MLK fought for integration

Martin Luther fought to end racism and integrate America.  But Islamists like Malcolm X and his brethren fight for segregation.  They wage Jihad to kill white people and carve out their own Islamic sh*thole in America.  This is how Islam works; appeal to the lowliest people in society and brainwash them to become the worst kind of Nazis the world has ever known.  In America that is the Democrats and their criminal jihadis of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam, and virtually the entire Democrat Party.  Understand this; there is no peace in Islam, nor any tolerance.  There is only slavery, oppression, and murder as taught by Muhammad and that has been indoctrinated into his death cult.  Democrats are trying to assist an invasion of Islamists into the West to terrorize and indoctrinate the people into the worst kind of dystopia that is the ultimate form of socialism – Islam.

Now black Islamists fight for segregation

Black Lives Matter Islamo-Nazi terrorists shout kill all white people

Malcolm X – “If you find good white people kill them first before they turn bad”

There is only one solution for Islam.  All civilized nations must band together to stomp it out.  If they cannot live with us then ship them back to the lands from which they come and do not allow them to spread like a cancer.  If they want to wage a war of annihilation or subjugation on us then return the favor and destroy all their mosques, kill all their hate-mongering Imams, and teach them the Bible that they are forbidden to learn.  Those who are too far gone will embrace their evil and take themselves out.

Donald Trump does not represent white supremacy or racism.  He represents returning America to her Christian roots and turning away from the Islamist dreams of Obama.  Americans were foolish to elect an Islamist pretender to be leader of the free world.  The plight of blacks in America is not caused by Republicans who freed them from slavery, but by Democrats who want to keep them in perpetual slavery.  The Left is willing to tell any lie possible to make this their reality.  As Rush Limbaugh says,

“I haven’t seen the Democrats this mad since the Republicans took their slaves away.”

I don’t have to live as a black man to understand the life of a black man in America.  All of us are bullied by someone in our lives and must learn how to fight back.  But I always fight for equal rights for all, not for any one group to have rights another group is denied – at least not any group that is benevolent (tyrants, criminals, and terrorists be damned!) and I don’t have to use violence to achieve my goals, only to protect myself against the violent.  But the Left never fights for equality.  They fight for their own dominance over others.  They fight for tyranny and oppression and slavery.  They use black racists and call it social justice which is just Nazi-Communism in disguise, and then call the righteous fascists to provide cover for their lies and distract the ignorant from the truth.

Democrat’s Fake News makes Trump’s day, so liberals ban the term


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