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The American people have seen hard times and periods of boom and bust.  They have experienced the glory of success and the dismal stench of failure.  They have always held hope that a better world could emerge even from the darkest days of war and the depths of a depression where livelihood was tenuous.  The American spirit of can do dominated these periods of despair.  Self reliance was king and the obstacles and barriers were to be overcome with a shrug of indifference. The future was a vision of what could be and those who worked to make it better expected their efforts to produce the results they knew were possible.

Even in the darkest depths of a world mad with war and conquest America stood strong and confident that all would work out in the end.  Tragedy was only minor inconvenience that was to be endured and conquered.  This was the spirit that came from the founding fathers, the pioneers, the soldiers and the entrepreneurs.  It was felt and conveyed by celebrities, sports heroes and businesses that thrived and grew with audacious splendor.

Then a vile ugliness entered America by way of its anti-intellectual leaders in the fields of politics, and academics.  Emerged was a sniveling doubt that America wasn’t so hot.  America couldn’t match the welfare states of the world and as such was less than it could be.  America was rich but it didn’t share enough.  America was selfish and as such was immoral in the eyes of the scum that never learned to question their premises.  These brutes were out to reform American for her arrogant success, her unfeeling conscience and her audacity to be great.  These thugs whittled away at the freedoms of Americans while fawning over the lives of soldiers they sent to wars that ended in stalemates under their cowardly incompetence.  They marginalized businesses with snotty little laws that broke up giants and rewarded favorites that did their bidding.  They appealed to gullible masses with vast redistribution schemes and ponzi strategies that reached into the pockets of America for money she didn’t have and they didn’t care.  They simply spent with no regard to what they were doing to the nation, its money supply and its spirit.  Make no mistake they wanted the spirit of America to thrive but simultaneously they did all they could to mute and destroy it.  They stole incentive, they erected burdens and talked as if those imposed impediments were only barriers the American could overcome as had been done in the past.  Nothing would ever change.  They could go on spending and regulating with impunity as long as the American spirit continued to prevail.

This scheme worked well for many decades but it had a fatal flaw.  The America that emerged from this spirit was a benevolent spirit but it was not inexhaustible.  There is a limit to the amount of suffering that can be inflicted before rebellion emerges.  America did not rally to win a world war to be pushed around by spineless politicians from their own country.  We fought for freedom not regulation.  We fought against Socialism not for it.  We dethroned despots, not anoint them.

A determination that socialists had invaded America and intended to overthrow our government would be met on the shores with a counter attack that would have them swimming away immediately.  Yet a slippery passage through the back doors of Congress by native born converts meets no such resistance.  Why?  Because it was introduced with such subtleness and evaded with such consistency it was only marginally challenged in the news, academia and of course Washington.  Now that the full light of day is shining on the fiasco that has eventually emerged the spirit of America is beginning to stir.  Like the discovery of the con artist we are seeing the beginnings of doubt that we may have been taken.  Of course we were deceived into thinking that representatives of the United States government hired by us to govern responsibly would not drift to betray us, but they did.  They did by default and by a lack of conviction.  They swallowed the cries of the mobs and the distortions of the lobbies that sought favors and barriers.  They stood for nothing as they waited for the next request to guide their move to a greater constituency, more power and ongoing disruption.  No matter what issue arose they were there to point out as representatives of the government they could do something about it, make it better and this of course would translate into a greater dependency on government action.  Businessmen were not to be trusted but politicians who ran up the biggest debt in history and lied and walked in lock step were somehow preferable.

The opportunities that American once could envision are waning.  Increasingly there are people who see what ever success they work to achieve will be swallowed up by grubby little politicians running out of money they elected to spend that they hadn’t a clue how it would be recovered.  Instead of a business person being able to put his earnings back into his operation and making it more profitable and able to serve customers better he must plan on “donating ‘ it to the government to toss into a barrel of inane priorities for grants and subsidies that he will never see any personal benefit from.  When people see this will be the results of their labor don’t expect risk taking and growth of the economy to be the result.  The golden goose has been slaughtered.  No one will rise to financial success under this veil of corruption that has finally culminated from the decades of infiltration of false ideas and the rejection of the founding principle of individual rights.  The right to life has been distorted to the right to healthcare for all.  The right to liberty has been replaced with do what you want as long as a government bureaucrat gives you permission.  The pursuit of happiness can only be sanctioned if it is for something other than personal benefit.

The infrastructure of America is falling apart and no matter how many shovel ready “jobs” the government “provides” it will not repair the infrastructure shattered in the souls of Americans.  A campaign of hope has turned into a drift toward hopelessness.  There will be no emergence of excited business people trying to achieve the American dream.  There will only be the politicos seeking government favors and grants and jump[ing from one political expedient to another.  The auto industry is whipped just as the steel industry became a rust belt.  Just as 1939 was the pinnacle of Hollywood before the government stepped in and took over, so too 2008 marked a turning point for the American dream.  Capital will not shift to the spot where earnings are forbidden or confiscated.  Without capital industry will shrivel.  Productivity will wane and shovels will be the only implement of work as the American dream is buried.  This is the change that was voted for.


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