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The secret American Army.

There are 20 million veterans in the United States. They all were highly trained in everything used to fight a war. They consist of retired generals and field officers, non-commissioned officers that have the capabilities of leading any veteran into battle. There are many highly decorated warriors in the thousands of brave men and women that would not hesitate to the call to arms in defense of our country. They know where the weapons are stored and know how to get them. They are trained to follow orders that would allow them a quick call to duty. They are among us as neighbors, friends and relatives. They have proven their loyalty to us by putting their lives on the line to protect us and the oath they took to become a warrior will be valid until the day they die. The law they obey above all laws is the American Constitution and that law gives them the right to bear arms to protect the American People. They are the guards of freedom and protect us from the enemy inside our government and outside our borders. They are seldom thought about unless a holiday honors them. They taken for granite by power mongering politicians but are courted for their votes. They are us and we are one.

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