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Trump holds on and wins, or the battle is lost now.  Why!

An election really kicks in to gear after Labor Day.

There are four debates including the VP debate.

Items for a late election year surprise; e-mail dumps, health questions answered, financial collapse (2008) more riots, close out of the federal tax year, foreign event (Benghazi, 2012), investigations

Some to the fence sitters and supporters of third part people, may move toward Trump.

Mark the statement if you think the following people could vote for Trump.

1.People who distrust Hillary in general.   ___ ,  2. The private e-mail server is a problem  __. 3. Any personal based on connections to the State Department. ___ 4. New jobs created for everyone, including women and minorities.  ____. 5. People against Common Core. ___. 6. Who Trump says he will appoint to the U.S. Court system. ___-6. People who think that Gun Free zones are death zones and support the second amendment.  ___ 7, Protecting the life, employment, general service and right to marry for gays. ___.  8. For Christians and others; not forcing people to patriate in private matters if against their religion, repeal the law that controls churches non-profit exemption.  ___ 9. Build the Wall. __ 10.  More vetting of immigrants.   ____ 11.  Reworking trade agreements. ____  12. Building back our military and intelligence agencies. For a good defense and possible offensive. _____ 13. Women who want security, jobs and health care but not abortion.  ____14. Minorities who are fed up with being taken for granite. ____. 15. Union workers where the union did not protect the job, or spent on social issues not in agreement with them.  ____.16 People that have gone through the whole immigration system, and became a citizen. ____17.  Overhaul the justice system so no one is above the law.  ____.18.  Work with the local neighborhoods to cut the corruption and take on more responsibility.  Have recreation programs, but also educational. School voucher programs, for parents that cooperate and want the best for their children, a place with discipline. _

Clinton has the lead now, and there are votes that will never change.

1,Lifelong Democrats and liberals who say Republicans are bad. 2. Those who say that Trump- doesn’t have experience that counts. 3.  People who want larger government. 4. People tied to welfare. 5. People who believe all guns are bad, and law enforcement will protect you. 6. Students that haven’t yet faced the real world. 7. Voters who don’t Hillary on anything. 8. Crony capitalist. 9 Ones who put abortion as a top priority. 10. Ignoring the care for veterans in some areas. 11. Continue ruling by executive order. 12. People who are for sanctuary cities and against Kate’s law.13. People who want us to hide anything patriotic instead of teaching respect for other views. 14. Rewriting of history to remove any mention of God15.  15. Not remembering the past because there are some unpleasant times, but as a part of a learning process so we won’t repeat and learn from it.  16. More dependence on other countries for all raw materials.  17. No understanding of all the implications connected with immigration.  18. Continuing programs in cities controlled by Democrats for many years.  The schools are a mess, and economic mobility is difficult.   Neglect of the past and the Obama’s DOJ created Black Lives Matter. 19.  They are for the acceptance of all refugees, when a few could be hidden terrorist, and people who favor Sharia law over the U.S. Constitution. Sharia law is established through new mandates food choice ( no pork) and allowing special space for prayer rugs, in all government institutions.

Trump changing personnel and saving money until September could be a good strategy, don’t peek too early. Add people when more people really start paying attention. Trump says he has a plan to defeat Isis but will not mention details, that could be used as a warning.  He will expect the work will be done correctly. The reactions with advisors and congress is still pure guess. Are there any in the Obama administration that should have or should be fired?


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