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While the policy of Vigileaks is to not release most of its confidential correspondence, it appears the following information could be life saving in the days and weeks ahead, for both nationalist Israelis and nationalist Americans! Be Prepared!

The driver who plowed a truck into a group of soldiers in Jerusalem, on 8 Jan 2017, killing four people and injuring at least 10, may have been an ISIS sympathizer, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: “We in Jerusalem have just experienced an unprovoked terrorist attack, a murderous attack that claimed the lives of four young Israelis and wounded others.” It may have been an ISIS sympathizer, according to Israeli Prime Minister.

Following the outrageous truck-ramming murder of four Israeli soldiers and the injuring of 15 more, the following letter was sent clandestinely as an informal goodwill directive to Israel. As behavioral psychology teaches us that we learn from the extremes, let us quickly learn from this tragic and unfortunate incident to now prepare on American soil:

This terrorist incident could have been prevented, had proper training and operational security (OPSEC) been in place. Here’s how and why, because no mother’s son or daughter needed to have been killed!!

To wit, the victims were, most surely, armed IDF, or IAF, and possibly Navy personnel; and I’ve been to Israel multiple times, and know the M-16s or Galil carbines carried are (OR SHOULD BE) fully loaded, i.e., magazine attached, chamber charged, and safety ON!!

Training should have been, and must be from now on, as follows, since the State of Israel must now be considered to be on a combat/war footing:

Gathering for group transportation

Immediately, upon two, three or more soldiers arriving at the loading venue, the senior Officer, NCO, or Enlisted man/woman will assume command, or take charge. Two sentries will be posted, as appropriate, arms at the ready, in positions to defend the gathering group. If other leaders arrive, with more seniority, command [and responsibility] will be transferred accordingly, to the ranking individual. The senior member will remain in active command of the situation!

No kibitzing!! No bickering! No bull sessions!! Nothing but active defense!

If necessary, depending on the size of the group, more pickets or sentries will be assigned to defend ALL avenues of possible danger/attack. Any approaching vehicle, or person(s) posing a threat, shall be warned to halt. If all else fails the encroaching entity/threat must be neutralized by “directed or kinetic energy”! The PRIME MINISTER AND MINISTER OF DEFENSE FULLY BACKING THE/ANY ENSUING ACTION!!

If the loading of the transport vehicle is uneventful, and is complete, the senior member will then recall the sentries in a military manner, the [armed] leader boarding the vehicle, last, all the while, employing tactical IDF infantry techniques (which should have been promulgated, taught, and implemented long before this simplistic email), then declaring “all clear” and ordering the vehicle to depart. Note: At any time, the sentries shall sound a verbal alarm, having identified an/any approaching or possible threat!

Unloading the transport vehicle

The senior member, if armed, will disembark the transport vehicle, first, followed immediately by the what has been determined on the journey, as the most capable riflemen aboard the vehicle, i.e, Nachal, or combat infantry soldiers. The sentries shall go into a defensive posture immediately! If unarmed, the senior member will order the infantrymen-Special Forces-sentries, whichever, to deploy in advance, taking up appropriate defensive positions. Unloading will be accomplished in a military and professional manner, all personnel deployed rapidly, no grouping up; staying alert and dispersing immediately, egressing the entire area, as deemed necessary.

The “then-determined-commander”, having been on alert during the entire unloading process, will declare “stand down”, recalling the sentries, and proceeding with the whatever activity, or mission of the group.

Obviously, this is a simplistic, nevertheless effective, method to stop this terroristic campaign of killing Israeli citizens/military personnel. This should have been addressed long ago, and such a procedure must be set up for ANY gathering of troops, regimented or casual, on the roads, streets, or in ANY public venues. IF SUCH IS NOT DONE THEN DERELICTION OF DUTY (OF LEADERSHIP) IS THE CULPRIT; NOT THE ACTION OR INACTION OF INDIVIDUAL SOLDIERS, WHO NAVE NOT BEEN TRAINED PROPERLY!

Such procedures, as noted above, must, of course, be coordinated as a “joint action”, between IDF, IAF, and Israeli Navy command elements to ensure all aspects are considered. If the Prime Minister has to called upon to approve this action, so be it!

US Army and Action Officer, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Barak Obama is a narcissist, an arch-Muslim, and a vehement anti-Semite. Thus we should expect some bizarre and possibly violent or extreme behavioral action, before 20 January, Inauguration Day.

Obviously, for Americans as well, this is a simplistic, nevertheless effective, method to stop this terroristic campaign of killing American citizens/military personnel, should they soon find themselves on a combat/war footing.  Americans attempted to be murdered by UN troops, Chinese troops, Muslim terrorists. This should have been addressed long ago, and such a procedure must be set up for ANY gathering of troops, regimented or casual, including National Guard and veterans sworn to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic – on the roads, streets, or in ANY public venues.

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