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What is Socialism and why is this question so important? If you look up socialism in the dictionary it says, ” A theory of the ownership and operation of the means of production and distribution by society with all members sharing in the work and production. A political movement to establish such a system.”


What does this mean? Basically it means that we should all share equally money and work for the common good. Does our present socialism actually do this? A BIG NO! It is a lie! Why?


We are a society of individuals. We have different ideas and we are not all the same. Many of us disagree with this theory. I am one who disagrees with the idea of Socialism. Why do I disagree? Well for starters it is impractical. It is a nice theory but because we all all different it does not work. Our society is composed of Poor and Middle Class and Wealthy people. The wealthy people don’t want to give up their income and position. Further nor to the middle class want equality with everyone. Only the poor would truly benefit by such a system. Imagine living in Russia. They have probably the truest Socialism System on the planet. They call it Communism. It comes from the word community. Back in the 70’s in the era of Hippy’s we had small communities. In a small community it can work. The Amish has a community system. It works for them. But on a larger scale in our society … NO!


I have spoken to Russians about their system and they all tell me that many things are restricted or forbidden. We have far more freedoms in this country than the Russians. One reason so many foreigners want to come here. The Democrats have under Obama pushed the socialism system to the max. Nearly 8 years of Obama and looking forward to 4 years of Hillary Clinton is not a pleasant prospect. She would undoubtedly push more socialism on us and we would lose more freedom. You see the socialism system is controlled by one group. For the last 8 years the Democrats have had pretty much control of our government. They seeks to further control and tighten our freedoms. They want to confiscate all fire arms. Do away with the second Amendment. Why? Because they fear a revolution or a civil war. Take away our firearms and a revolution against their order is next to impossible. In fact, they really want  do away with the Constitution all together. Telling us we don’t need one. We (the government) will take care of your needs. Do you really want the government controlling your every move or desire. That is what the Russians have. I for one never want to see that type of government here. That is what the Democrats want and are pushing for it. I have no doubts Hillary will continue to broaden socialism in the US if elected.


That is why you if your a Democrat or Independent must vote for Trump. Stopping the slide to Socialism is super important. Don’t let them win. If they do we will all suffer. Please think carefully before you vote tomorrow.


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