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As the U.S. watches one of the dirtiest fought presidential races in history approach Election Day, many Americans are getting a wake up call whether they want it or not. It has been said this is one of the most important elections of our time. The issues at hand will shape our country for years to come. Many Americans are waking up to the agenda of the mainstream media as a propoganda machine rather than an information highway.  It’s likely most Americans aren’t fans of either major party candidates and will defiantly and knowingly waste their vote on a third party candidate. 

Whether it is or isn’t known abroad, it is inherently true that the American people as a society are compassionate and accepting. Grass roots American values are characterized by integrity, loyalty, responsibility, patriotism, work ethic, equality and God. Citezens across the country have a bitter face whether it’s the Donald or Hillary. However one is a brash New York Billionaire with a filandering womanizing past as a shrewd real estate mogul who lacks tact and easily gets off message. The other has the wind at her back as the first woman to become the first female president. There is one problem in that the woman card candidate has been involved in scandal after scandal.  Although Americans are forgiving and accepting of the idea everyone makes mistakes, they know without a doubt she is at best a habitual liar and has used her position in public office for personal benefit by means of taking millions of dollars from foreign governments, interest groups, and organizations such as Will Quig’s California King Klux Klan, George Soros, Elite Bankers, Wall Street and various other organizations operating under a facad of legitimacy.

So it is a time of enlightening and a reality kick to many Americans living in their daily shell and the young millinials, many of whom are voting for the first time. An empass for America to once again wake up to the fact that their politicians have been misrepresenting them and what they believe their flag stands for. Misrepresented by politicians knowingly yet inadvertently funding terrorist groups that behead, throw gays off of tall buildings to their death, enslave women, and believe anyone of a different faith not compliant to their form if Sharia Law shall submit, convert, pay a heavy tax, be enslaved, submit all they own or simply be killed.  These very groups have promised to pose as refugees and enter the U.S. that way making their goal of claiming the U.S. As their religious Caliphate known. For some reason Americans are split in half on this issue. The refugee crisis (or is it an invasion by migration) has seemingly changed Europe as we know it. Europeans are at the brink of constant chaos facing an unheard of rape epidemic, sexual predation on children, assaults, and protesting by Islamic newcomers complaining about internet quality, pushing for Sharia compliant laws, and the government’s not supplying them with maid service.

Americans must ask themselves one question when questioning who we are. What do we stand for? Do we allow our children to be left a similar life to the Europeans? Do we allow our politicians to employ the shame of “Political Correctness” by calling us racist or xenophobes to convince us to lay down and be told these are refugees when we know they are economic migrants with an agenda?  The fact that the United States is a nation with policies formed by men of Christian faith with Christian oriented policies. The main question that blows the entire lid off of the can answering which candidate has the better interest of Americans and America at heart is the question of “Why would a politician vow to step up Islamic immigration 550% as if it had increased the quality of life for Europeans?” Second, “Why would we bring 99% Muslims when there are Christians begging to get on the plane facing genocide and certain death or slavery if they are left there?” This is a perplexing issue given the United States is a country founded by men who employed Christian principals as basic policy and who’s citezens are predominately Christian. What could be the justification for such policy?

The other candidate is called a racist, xenophobic, islamaphobe, and smeared in any way possible by the propaganda media. Of course he is the candidate who stands up and takes the position that we refuse to follow such foolish policies. That is disastrous for America. Yet many have bought in to his opponent calling him racist, bigot and the like for such policy. The fallacy of racism is just that. A facad. The issue is about an ideology, not race. Islam is a theocratic totalitarian political ideology that seeks to rule under the fog of a Religion giving its members sole dominance over anyone and anything not of their denomination of Islam. Why would someone smart enough to run for president think this is a good idea? What do you think? Are we loosing our morals?

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