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“Perhaps the term “Press Release” should mean allowing liberal media types to get out of jail.”   Centurion

The “new” revelations that the American corporate media is cooperating with the Democrats in general and the Clinton campaign in specific should give great pause to the American public.  While most people who’ve been awake for the past 20 years already felt the media was biased against Republicans and Conservatives, recent Wikileaks revelations give Americans proof of the toxic Media-Democrat collusion.

The overwhelming media pile-on against Donald Trump is just the latest manifestation of this age-old problem. The key differentiator these days, however, is that the media is now so brazen in its corruption that it doesn’t even bother to foist any false pretense about their bias or malfeasance. Media execs now openly tell their charges to push the anti-Trump agenda and threaten anyone who does not toe that line. Liberal “journalists” now pen editorials that try to justify media bias against Trump, Conservatives and Republicans.

In addition, the incestuous relationship with Democrats allows the Lame Stream Media to share questions with Clinton before debates. Media types ask the Clinton camp for prior approval to use quotes in their articles.  Media villains also submit articles for prior review to the Clinton campaign before publishing. Not only is the media attacking Republicans in concert, they work overtime to support Obama and Clinton at every turn by manipulating polling data as requested by the Clintons. Now we understand why media presstitutes give 97% of their political contributions to Democrats.

Who are these purveyors of political poison? The main culprits are obvious: The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, Politico, ABC, CBS, NBC, Boston Globe, NPR, CNBC, LA Times, Washington Post and the AP, just to name a few.  Imagine if there was no Fox Channel for a moment. There would be no television channel or network where Republicans or Conservatives could get a fair hearing. None! Ever!

The current configuration of the mainstream media is not designed to report the news. The vast majority of today’s media is built from the ground-up to SHAPE the news, not report it. And that media is 99% controlled by liberals who have no interest whatsoever in giving Conservatives or Republicans a fair shake, equal time or doing balanced reporting. Their long-term objective is to advance the liberal agenda, support Democrats and defeat Conservatives. Period.

Those collective misbehaviors are unprecedented in American journalism. Sadly, Centurion knows this problem is much deeper, wider and more pervasive than what is known today. These numerous First Amendment transgressions are open, smelly festering wounds on the body politic. They must be amputated and cauterized.

Clear-headed and honest Americans who respect the Constitution should adopt the three “R’s” when dealing with the corrupt media: They should be Reviled, Rejected and Removed.  Americans should despise, disrespect and Revile the media because of its rampant perversions and duplicities. We should Reject their stories, disbelieve their narratives and not participate in their polls. Americans should also Remove most of the current corporate media from our lives by shunning them and suing them for libel or false representations at every opportunity. We should dump their stock, conduct sit-ins at their work places and boycott their main sponsors. Americans should call down hellfire, brimstone and damnation on most the current American media.

But the most effective counter to the corrupt and dishonest media is for wealthy Conservatives to purchase exiting media outlets and networks. Conservatives must buy into current media outlets AND create our own mainstream media organizations. We must convince wealthy conservatives like the Koch Brothers et al to form media-based corporations, pool their resources, consolidate conservative media talent and start buying liberal newspapers, TV stations and web-related media systems.  America needs effective counterweights to NewsWeak, MS-DNC and The New York Slimes.

We must rip away as many of their presumed First Amendment rights as possible because most of the American media has vacated those rights due to the collusions and debasement of “freedoms of the press”.  Most of the MSM don’t deserve those rights anymore because they don’t even pretend to be anything close to “fair and balanced” as our Founders intended.

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