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What many people fail to grasp is this election was over the moment Trump descended the escalator and announced his candidacy. Most believed Trump would be gone by Labor Day. Then by Halloween. Then Thanksgiving. Or, after Iowa and New Hampshire. He took on fifteen status quo politicians, one with a pedigree name and 150 million dollars in the bank. He lost in a sleepwalk.

Cruz thought South Carolina was his firewall to stop Trumpmentum after New Hampshire. Trump would lose the Palmetto State, then lose throughout the south, and by the convention in Detroit, Trump would be history. But, the same city that witnessed Ronald Reagan’s nomination thirty-six years ago is the same city that saw Donald Trump chosen  with 1775 delegate votes (a super-majority).

Ted Cruz ended up being booed off the stage when he refused to endorse Trump, and it hasn’t stopped since. In early October, one of Paul Ryan’s staff “leaked” an eleven year old tape to the Democrat Party Public Relations Firm, the Washington Post. Paul Ryan and other Republicans had planned this coup since Detroit, and in almost military lockstep, the Establishment immediately demanded he drop out.

Trump didn’t step aside, however. There was no groundswell of support to have Pence replace The Donald. The public shrugged, and the campaign continued despite all the heavy breathing among Democrat Media PR firms and Establishment Republicans.

Now, ten days out, Trump is watching the Clinton campaign implode. On Tuesday next, Donald Trump will defeat the Democrats, and the only question is will it be of Reaganesque proportions? Republicans may lose a few of their own as voters elect Trump but choose against people like Ryan, McCain, and others who backstabbed The Donald with the finesse of scurrilous Scottish nobles.

Now, I know some readers might not like this, but I’m going to let you know, anyway. The Founding Father of the United States is not going to allow the Left to destroy us, strip away our freedom, or get us into WW III. His hand has been on Donald Trump from the beginning.

The Founding Father is going to make America great again, and Trump is His hands and feet.

The God of Israel, in his mercy on America, has unleashed His fury on the Left, not only in the U.S. but in Europe, and around the globe.

The Globalists made a yuge mistake trying to eliminate borders and nations in favor of “We are the World, We are the Children” silliness. The God of Israel not only ordains nations, their rise to prominence, and their fall, but He also ordains their borders. (Acts 17:26)

Nimrod’s dream of a one-world government may ultimately be realized for a very short period of time. But, not now. Now, the Lord of Hosts has declared war on the Left who declared war on Him. The goats never realized the Shepherd will scatter them to save His sheep. Now, the end of their power is at hand.



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