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It Just Doesn’t Matter

I am saddened by our once great Nation of people and those elected to serve this Country.

It appears that most (if not all) of our Constitutional rights and all things important have become non-important to the vast majority of Americans and are being stripped away right under our noses.

It Just Doesn’t Matter That:

  • We no longer have a Sovereign Nation with borders
  • We have American cities that flagrantly defy laws against illegal immigration and continue to get Federal dollars. What part of breaking a law is not breaking the law?
  • We no longer have protected free speech
  • We no longer can practice and live according to our Faith
  • We no longer can refuse to kill babies
  • We no longer can allow our Preachers/Ministers to speak the truth from the pulpit
  • We no longer have the right to bears arms without being infringed upon
  • We no longer have a choice of doctors and medical care
  • We have a President nobody can really prove is an American citizen
  • We have a President that has committed more crimes in 7 years than most citizens have in a lifetime
  • We no longer can expect our President to back our police departments
  • We have a President’s wife who “rolls her eyes” at the presentation of the American Flag but will spend millions of American’s money for lavish vacations
  • We have a Democratic candidate for President that has broken more laws than the President
  • We have a Democratic candidate that has used political influence to stuff her and her husband’s personal bank accounts by millions of dollars
  • We send millions of dollars to Countries that hate us, threaten us, threaten Israel, and sponsor worldwide terrorism
  • We negotiate with terrorists
  • We bring in thousands of potential terrorists to live among us that aren’t vetted any more than those of us that simply apply for a bank loan
  • We allow millions of illegal immigrants to receive health care and other benefits that our own citizens can’t get
  • We allow our laws to be manipulated to accommodate Sharia law
  • We have American judges that will not outlaw Sharia Law from replacing American laws
  • We allow a painting of Christ being urinated upon in public but won’t allow American patriotic t-shirts to be worn at schools on May 5th
  • We allow our FBI to work for political criminals instead of enforcing our laws
  • We no longer can fly our American Flag where we want for fear of hurting someone’s feelings
  • We can no longer respect our Military and Veterans (they are all right-wing terrorists)
  • We no longer can be assured that our votes cast actually are recorded for the person we chose
  • We cannot require ID for voting … but you need ID to buy medicine, write a check, receive welfare, buy cigarettes, buy alcohol, have a bank account, get a loan, drive a car, get Obamacare, and the list goes on…
  • We can no longer call a thug a thug without being labeled a racist regardless of whether they are white, brown, black, yellow, green or purple
  • We are no longer able to be proud of our Country because we are all racists criminals
  • We have no compassion or outrage when black community thugs kill each other daily but will raise holy hell if a law enforcement person kills a criminal in the act
  • We are not allowed to try and stop our government from sending billions of dollars to other Countries while a large portion of Americans are suffering financially (Veterans perhaps?)
  • We cannot complain that our Military has been stripped of funding and been turned into a social experiment during a time when we face military threats on a daily basis all over the world
  • We force our military to accept those who are not qualified to serve
  • We force our military clergy to not minister to our men and women
  • We no longer can pray when and wherever we choose but a certain “religion” can get special accommodation for where and how often they are allowed to pray while at work
  • Our government can indoctrinate our elementary kids in sex education and the bi-sexual life style but Bibles are not allowed
  • That we have sports figures that make millions from their profession in America but can publically disrespect the Flag of the Country that allowed those millions

I wish I could write.  I’d love for Liberty Alliance Editor-in-Chief, Onan Coca, to take up my list and write a complete one that would probably be 3-4 pages long and make much more sense.

I titled this piece “It Just Doesn’t Matter” because I hear daily from others that there is nothing we can do.  I say…Bologna!!

We have an election coming up for President of the United States.  This Nation can be great again.  But it starts with us.  This list of things MUST start mattering to us very quickly or the USA is history!!

I have heard many people say that Donald Trump is not the person.  Some have said they would “hold their nose” and pull the lever for him this November.  Why hold your nose?  Are there things that he’s a little “off” on?  Sure there are…but Patriotism is not one of them!! None of his positions in my opinion require holding my nose.  In fact…re-read the list above and how many of them are positions that Trump will decide DO matter and will start fixing.

Millions of our citizens are more worried about “political correctness” than they are about the truth!!  The truth is…we have been ruined by political correctness.  Political correctness was started by politicians.  They became extremely concerned about offending anyone for fear of losing a vote.  That rule does NOT apply to “we the citizens”.  Mr. Trump is not a politician and has not abided by the politician’s creed of being politically correct.  Hence…his problem with the media that is “owned” by the liberal fanatics.  He chooses to “tell it like it is” and has paid the price.

I’ll end this writing by saying this.  If any of you that have just read the above list of things that just don’t matter to the political masses of liberals…find one of them that doesn’t matter to Donald Trump.  It may take him a while to plow through some of them and fix…but I’ll put my vote in his corner because if he can fix a tenth of them….this Nation will be far better off and I will NOT hold my nose on that!!

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