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Hillary controls the election by staying in or withdrawing from the presidential race.

If she stays in she will face continued scrutiny about her trustfulness over her health and everything connected with her e-mails and the Clinton Foundation Foundation. She made a mass attack on Trump supporters as being despicable or deplorable.

After weeks of speculation about Hillary’s health due to coughing spells, head bobbing and certain movements she was diagnosed with pneumonia after being caught on camera. The pneumonia information came after a dizzy spell at the 911 memorial . Hillary continued to be with people including her grand kids with her having pneumonia, more carelessness.

For some reason during the month of August she did little campaigning and went to fund raising events. She did not help with aid to flood victims in Baton Rouge, and turned down an invitation by the President of Mexico.

When the FBI made a couple of document dumps,  the amount of  extreme carelessness was  expose. the loss of one laptop, five Ipads, and eleven blackberries. With these losses, information did not have to be hacked.  Hillary Clinton set the reset button with Putin, and Bill was hired to give a speech in Russia. The Clinton’s were part of a deal to sell uranium to Russia. Trump- has said Putin is a better leader because Obama has not backed up his lines in the sand and has always been apologizing  for the U.S. Hillary said she couldn’t remember security meetings. Jim Comey said that there was not enough evidence for an indictment, a decision that should have been left to Loretta Lynch. Comey was also the one who cleared Hillary in Whitewater.

For those old enough to remember the Clinton White House, was not one of integrity. The number of sex  episodes  and scandals are now legendary. Hillary stayed with Bill to gain power, Trump has been married three times.

A sort time before Hillary said half of Trumps were deplorable, Obama said Americans were lazy. Hillary has accused Trump of having no plan that is workable. Hillary’s plan for the most part is the continuation of Obama. This is just keep throwing money at the problem. What programs of Obama have really worked to make America safe and jobs for Americans? A campaign can be a learning time if the candidate listens to the people. A canned program is a product of an elitist. The Democrats have created the economics of the ghettos and low income areas, then comes out supporting BLM because of injustice.

If Hillary drops out we will have a mess. The election year would probably  be extended . The replacement could be almost anyone, the top alternatives are VP Biden, Sen. Kaine or Sanders, Michelle Obama, Gov. Brown or Cuomo.

Hope that we keep a Hillary/Trump race.


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