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Remember, how Donald was going to be above the fray of the political realm? Where and in what context is his singing ring around the rosy with “no new taxes” did he not portray the evilest aspects of a politician?


According to the statement released by the “TRUMP CAMPAIGN,” the information was obtained “illegally”, and further portrays an extension of the Clinton Candidacy and the DNC. The truth is that it shows credence to his inability to actually turn a profit of more than a billion dollars any year since 1995 which obviously shows a significantly different picture than the facade that he portrays. A person with an ounce of common sense can see through the attacking created by that statement. It was an obvious ploy to move the scrutiny of him and back to Hillary in any way possible. Sad to say that we have such criminally inclined candidates of both major parties.

The statement also credits Trump with being a highly skilled Businessman. I would truly not want to linger closely next to a poor businessperson if the credentials are that of Trump or less. Donald also discusses breaking federal law. I would hate to be the one to break the sad news, but the RICO act and racketeering are Federal offenses, with which he had to buy himself out of conviction from alongside his good friend George Soros.

Finally, we get to another case of racketeering, bullying, controlling, and threatening delegates at the RNC convention and stopping them from performing their duties as prescribed. Another very blatant case of RICO act/racketeering. When will Donald realize that Karma has a really bad case of biting you squarely in the ass when you screw others?  In case anyone is not aware, the FBI has been the one that brought down the Mob in Chicago, and other racketeering and tax evaders since it’s conception. Donald is being investigated not only by the FBI but the Cuyahoga County for FEC violations, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, ties with organized crime and RICO act. Imagine that, more RICO ACT atrocities by Donald!!!

No America, we do not need this type of criminal in the White House. We have the evilest criminal types running on both of the two major party tickets. Hillary allowed four Americans to die, and hid those through an illegal email server, and has taken unexplained millions just before changes in laws to benefit those who gave these “donations”.

America deserves better. America deserves real leaders with principles, integrity, morals, and a sense of right and wrong, without a second guessing of what will benefit them more. America needs a “minor” party debate and the winner needs to move to the stage with those of Trump and Clinton so that we have a real leader discussing real issues, and not spending hours insulting without substance.


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