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Al Gore, in his manic attempt to persuade the world that ‘Global Warming’ (arguments now transferred to ‘Climate Change’, and following the earlier ‘Global Freezing’!) was caused by humans over-producing CO2, was involved in VERY unscientific fraud. His view of Easter Island and a variety of Pacific islands became symbols behind which unthinking individuals and groups hid and threw their missiles at folks who dared to disbelieve the rubbish (deniers: what we denied was the unscientific stupidity of their arguments).


But, Easter Island is a particularly unsuitable example of ‘green’ concerns. The most recent researches show strongly that Easter Island was ravaged NOT by CO2 emissions or by modern scavengers, but by old civilizations who stripped the Island bare of its natural resources well before greens were a twinkle in their earth-mother’s eye! This has nothing at all to do with ‘environmental’ hog-wash.


Other Pacific islands were lumped together as a green land-mass, just to get the green message across. Al Gore insisted that these islands would soon be erased because of fast-rising sea levels, and the people were being taken en-masse to New Zealand. The reality? The islands are NOT being quickly covered in fast rising waters. The sea levels are only rising by their usual small amount.


As for being evacuated to New Zealand… at the time, I was in the middle of writing my book against Gore’s stupidity (‘The Global Green Agenda’, Second Edition), so I contacted the New Zealand government, who dismissed the idea, saying that NO islanders had been ‘rescued’ from a sudden rise in sea levels. In other words, the story was an invention, a fraud. But – how many writers researched the widely-splashed green claims?


The latest book, published by Cambridge University Press, again confirms all this (The Survival of Easter Island, 2015). When will greens just grow up, and stop repeating ridiculous claims based on their own hyperbole? Claims that are scientifically and socially fraudulent. Al Gore is getting his second wind – let it blow itself out in the skies of reality, hardly moving the clouds an inch!


Don’t just believe Arctic and Antarctic ice are disappearing rapidly and suddenly, caused by CO2. You will find the actual data do not support this oversimplification! It is all being used to defraud the public, who believe anything spouted by scientists. I still remember that the UNs IPCC published an opinion dressed as science; the writer was a student who scribbled down a story on a bit of paper… unverified and immediately debunked by scientists not involved in the infamous 2007 UN report on the environment, the report that started the absurd greenism of the planet. In fact, it was discovered that the Report was compiled of opinions (not science), and that those opinions were given NOT by scientists, but by individuals without science degrees! One of them was a dentist. Very few scientists were on the Panel.


In this growing resurgence of Al Gore’s propaganda, don’t be fooled! Look at each and every claim; study it; find out if it is mere opinion or scientific fact; then look for alternative views (scientific) that show the conclusions are far from fixed or settled. If you don’t get it right, you’ll end up being a pawn of the One Word Government (now called ‘globalism’), believing everything and proving nothing.


I repeat that greenism and environmental frauds exist to promote and maintain a socialist world view and an intended socialist world rule. This is what Obama and other ‘leaders’ are now frantically shouting about. Its aims include eugenics (another name, in context, for genocide and mass abortions), control of the people, dismissal of all personal choices of fuel and energy, the collection of huge tax rises to pay for mythical ‘treatment’ of CO2 (one of the most ridiculous aspects of greenism, and including the VERY annoying less-powered light bulbs), and thus the worldwide impoverishment of all poorer people, the eradication of anything Christian (many greens laughingly worship Gaia, the ‘mother earth’ goddess! Brains not needed). It is so bad that one European country made a law imposing drastic measures against people who inadvertently stepped on flowers in the Alps, aligning it with murder. Seriously!  And before you give to PETA, the Sierra Club, and the WWF beware! Check the actual facts!


Remember – Green is not just the color of fresh plants; it is also the color of putrefaction. In this case, of the mind. It is a lie to say all scientists are behind the greens’; many thousands have petitioned governments with the truth, but they are sidelined by the media.


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