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This weekend left me with such doubt and sadness for Our America! Although I eat at Ingles regularly, for some reason I left a little later for lunch today! God put me at this place, this moment in time for a reason. Maybe it's simply to capture this moment, maybe to change the way I look at the world today and the kids of tomorrow, or perhaps how I could change the way I live each day; there are so many reasons that put me in this brief moment. I went and spoke to the young man, Brandon Rollins, and told him what he did meant a lot more than just helping a little lady today. It touched my life as well as I hope touches all of your lives. I personally haven't seen anything like this in years and thought everyone should see/feel this moment as well. This is how America should be! And hopefully this is the America of tomorrow!!!

It seems contradictory, but humility strengthens the dominant ego. By being humble enough to admit you don’t know, you question, investigate, and prove what you believe. That effort provides the strength you need to keep from being conned, ignorant or naive. We control the results if we control the environment, and we control the environment only if we prove what we believe to exist. Your results reflect your will, if you control it, otherwise it just reflects those who control you.


A parasite tried to insult me saying “While you and yours are safe, you don’t care about the rest of the people. That is thinking and acting like an egoist. Thinking about others is not discrimination.”


Because we have our own values we are productive and proud of the good we do. To insult us for our ego is to try to invert our values and virtues. If we do not recognize our ego as a virtue, we cannot defend our morality. They are counting on us to say: “No, we are not egoists (or egotists or whatever denigrates the ego).” We are giving them permission to eat our soul. We defend against these insults by saying:

Yes. I am a total egoist. I do nothing for others. My motivation is mine. Not only do I do it because it is best for me, I seek that others think for themselves and do what is best for them.


I have no shred of “altruism.” I do not sacrifice (suicide) for others and do not want them to sacrifice for me. Effort gives me joy and results. If others make an effort for me, I seek that they, too, find pleasure and joy in this honest effort, and not sacrifice.


My best effort benefits me, my family, my community, my country, and the world. It is because of my ego that I have pride in what I do well and blame myself for what I do badly. I have developed my ego enough to know what is good, what is bad, what betters and what worsens. If I better myself, I better my family, my community, my country and my world.


My ego has a solid alliance with my reason. If not, my repressed ego would permit others to tell me who I am, while my dominant ego would trick me into believing that I am in control when I have passed control to others. My repressed ego could be tricked into believing I should follow them when I am best for the task. All of these efforts to trick the ego is so that I give others control of my life and permission to dispose of what is mine. If you don’t think for yourself you permit others to tell you who you are, are not, do, not do, should do and should not do. When someone wants you to follow and believe in them instead of thinking and proving for yourself, they demonstrate that their words are hypocrisy and their motivation is tyranny. They seek power, prestige or money from ME and I will not give it to them.


My egoism is simple and it is total. My rights are MINE, and they stop where others’ rights begin. My responsibilities are MINE and I meet them, because my ego is so developed that I take pride in what I do, blame myself if the errors are within my control and avoid that which I can’t control.


That is my egoism, and that is my morality. They are MINE because my ego defends, protects, gives it value and assumes responsibility. I will not limit my ego by giving someone else the privilege to control my decisions, my life, my effort, my rights or my responsibility. The physical and political environment now puts too many controls on my rights. I will protect the rights I still control and will not voluntarily give up more.


I do not give anyone the privilege of saying that I should not be an egoist. Egoism is what permits pride in oneself — and no matter how large or humble your ability, competence and production, it is the ego that protects it and gives it the pride needed to better itself. It is moral, and far superior to the inverted morality of hypocritical thieves — vermin who seek to distribute what I make from my efforts because they are unwilling to make a dignified, honest, ethical life for themselves and are too cowardly to defend their rights, or the rights of others.


These seek that I permit them to think for me — to dispose of what I have made by my own efforts — to justify their incompetence and theft.


I do not grant that permission.


I do not give them permission to eat my production, invert my morality, corrupt my ethics or weaken my spirit. They have the right and responsibility to do whatever they like with what they have produced with their own effort and with their own will. That is what is egotistical, and that is what is moral. Those who look to dispose of the fruits of other’s efforts is a thief.


A thief never has the moral high ground to dispose of the EGOISTICAL effort of a producer.

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