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“The impunity gap”?  Never seen that phrase before.  And the timing, oh, the timing, is, well, I’m sure, strategically relevant to, oh, I don’t know, some country in North America that has continued to forcefully pursue its geopolitical aims in Europe eastward…and southwards…Read about the new Hague court….or wait, is it a Hague court?  Not quite sure:

Oh, and, did I mention, that this new ICC [“I” stands for, um, “international”….as opposed to, you know, well, national] is somehow under, well, the law of Kosovo….very weird…:
“[T]he [Kosovo] Specialist Chambers and Prosecutor’s Office…are part of the judiciary of Kosovo, so they are not some new international court. They are created by national law, but ‘internationalized’, in order to better equip them to deal with the difficult tasks that lay ahead. It’s an unusual set up….”
Yes, “unusual” rather pickles it.  Anyway, being so, it’s hard to see what ex-KLA Thaci should have to worry about from it:
“…Thaci…was himself a high-ranking KLA leader during the relevant period. That means that the investigation and subsequent trial(s) may be uncomfortable for him, to say the least.”  Oh, well, we’ll see if Madeleine Albright’s Best Boy has any reason to feel uncooooooomfortable or not.
Anyway, shall we call this sort of thing the “weaponization of international forms of justice”?  Yes….that seems to fit.  Because I am 100% certain that the EU, which is behind this, has no interest in actually addressing “the impunity gap” in Kosovo or in any other country outside the EU in a manner which genuinely addresses the perceptions of injustice of any community [i.e. Serbs] affected by its judicial pronouncements, except insofar as a particular perception will advance the West’s larger geopolitical aims.  That is to say, I am convinced that, however good a court like this may be in itself, it is not being created for larger humanitarian or altruistic purposes–unless of course, one identifies “altruism” with “whatever the EU and/or US says/wants.”  Which, of course, at this point, many people do, when it comes to international politics.

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