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Hypocritical Hillary says Voting for Her will save America from BLM terrorists!

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Hillary courts the police vote after sicking BLM terrorists on them.

Hillary is courting the police votes by promising to send Obama’s pitchforked peasants back to their hovels.  Oh, wait, it’s not peasants, it’s criminals and they’re not going to go away quietly.  Instead, they’re launching an all-out war against the police!

Democrats are finding that once they unleash the beasts that putting them back in their cages isn’t so easy.  After spending the last couple of years stirring up their people to hate police, hate white people, hate the rich, hate Republicans, Democrats are asking the people against whom they launched their terrorists to give them their votes!  If this isn’t a shakedown then what is?

At every incident in which police shot criminals or terrorists shot police, Obama came out and blamed the police as racists.  Now that they are getting desperate to stop the Trump Train and finding out that their rabid dogs aren’t so easy to bring to heel.  Like letting the genie out of the bottle, once you spew sh*t out of your mouth it’s pretty tough to put it back in.

Obama called down the thunder, now pray the lightning strikes and Democrats burn.  Trump has entered campaign mode calming his liberal-style rhetoric just as Hillary is has begun her campaign of conservative-style rhetoric.  Pray Trump wins with a crushing Republican victory over the leftwing terrorists that Obama invited to destroy America.

Trump the “law and order” president

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Dustin Koellhoffer

I am a retired paramedic/firefighter who served 25 years in the city of Dallas. I have degrees in Journalism, History, Military Science, and Military History that I spent most of the last forty years studying. I have also spent much of these forty years in scholarship studying Christianity, Islam, America, and world history. My writing is from the perspective of a conservative Christian libertarian and I use my free time in retirement to observe what is happening in politics. Much of what is in the news is propaganda that I have been trained and know how to recognize. My purpose is to expose the dysfunctional thinking of the Left and counter it with good sense conservative principles.

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