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The 44th President of the United States Barack Obama, in one of his many last-minute moves over the last month of his Presidency, attempted to give the Palestinian Authority over 200 million dollars to fund terrorism against Jews and the nation of Israel. Being the despicable, disloyal, traitor that he is, he tried to sneak this funding of terrorism with American dollars in the back door while Trump was focused on the inauguration.

Bad news Barack – you and your Islamist, terror loving friends aren’t running our country anymore. The Trump administration has frozen Obama’s attempt to fund his terrorist buddies.

A senior Palestinian source told the Times of Israel that the Palestine Authority (PA) leadership was notified by US officials that it should not expect the payout, authorized on January 20 by then-President Obama despite strong Republican opposition, any time soon. According to the source, the respective notice was received by PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on Tuesday, the same day the US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said it would put the payment under additional scrutiny and see if any adjustments are needed to be taken that would correspond President Trump’s take on the issue.

From the Business Insider:

“Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. GOP members of Congress had been holding up the money. A State Department official and several congressional aides say the outgoing administration formally notified Congress it would spend the money Friday morning, just before Donald Trump became president.”

“Under the Trump administration, the State Department is now reviewing the last minute decision. The department said Tuesday it is looking at the payment and will make adjustments to ensure it fits into the Trump administration’s priorities for the United States.”

And there you have it – this country is no longer moving in the direction of the Islamist-Nazi’s and America haters who wish this country and it’s allies ill will. This country is now moving in one direction: a direction that is driven by the will of the people of the United States of America. Not the people of Palestine or Russia or China or Cuba or Mexico. America for and by Americans. Americans first.

Representative Kay Granger of Taxes released a statement this morning on Obama’s disgraceful attempt to defy the people and the new Trump administration by going in the side door:

“I am deeply disappointed that President Obama defied congressional oversight and released $221 million to the Palestinian territories. I worked to make sure that no American taxpayer dollars would fund the Palestinian Authority unless very strict conditions were met. While none of these funds will go to the Palestinian Authority because of those conditions, they will go to programs in the Palestinian territories that were still under review by Congress. The Obama Administration’s decision to release these funds was inappropriate.” 






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