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Regardless of which side of the political aisle you are on, you have to realize that we ARE at war…with Islam.  Oh wait…it’s only the radical element of that cult that’s at war with us, right?  WRONG!   Islam, to the true believer, does not negotiate…about anything.  It’s their way or the highway, and when it’s their way it will be littered with headless bodies, charred remains and mutilated corpses.  This CULT, and that’s what it is, may be ruled by a few thousand die-hard fanatics, but that fanaticism reaches out to whatever “moderate” Muslims there might be and scares the you-know-what out of them so they cower and don’t say anything to anyone.   To be sure, there’s some Muslims that do speak out, but they are few and far between and a lot of them may be apostates-in-secret as well.   If you’ll allow me this comparison, think back to World War 2, if you’re old enough to know it as anything but ancient history.  You DO know about that war, don’t you?  I digress.

In WW2, we were fighting Germany.  We did not separate the “good Germans” from the “bad Germans”…they were all bad to us.   What we knew back then was that the nation of Germany was at war with us and we with them.   It was a shooting war, it was a bombing war and, on their side, it was an outright murder war.  Sometimes when they captured Allied personnel they were not sent to any work/concentration camp, they were shot right where they were captured.  Our prisoners, on the other hand, some of them, came to camps in the United States and once the war was over, decided to stay, got married and became American citizens.  The point here is that Islam is like the Nazis, and as a matter of fact the two collaborated during that war.  There is a pretty famous saying about history…it says if you don’t pay attention to it, you’re going to repeat it.

In the years between the two World Wars one might have gotten the idea that all was right in the world…but it wasn’t.   There were little skirmishes going on here and there…more so than the two shots fired at Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, killing them both, that started World War 1.  In the United States during the period of peace between the two World Wars we relaxed and felt so good about ourselves that we drew down our military strength drastically.   Although we were sending materiel to our allies overseas prior to our entering the war in 1941, we apparently didn’t see the need to bring our own armed forces up to a wartime strength.   Our Army trained with broomsticks for rifles, they used automobiles as substitutes for tanks and much of the other gear, including ammunition, was left over from the first World War.  The Navy was sailing on some ships that were built prior to WW1.  There was an Army Air Corps, which was considered only good for patrol and reconnaissance, and a Marine Corps which was primarily for show at our overseas embassies.

In short…we were not well-prepared for war when it came to us.   We are not now well-prepared for war, which is already here, whether you deny that or not.  Islam has but one goal and that is “peace” throughout the world…but that “peace” can ONLY

be achieved when the entire world is under the thumb of Islam.   In case you’ve forgotten, or never knew, Islam means submission and Muslim is one that has submitted, and a cult, according to the dictionary is “a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.”   Could it be any clearer than that?

Islam has been at war, truly, for 1400 years, and down through those years has had various clashes with “Western” civilization.   Sometimes they won and sometimes they lost.   In places where Islam has been, all previous forms of worship are destroyed because it is the theory that, before Islam, nothing good existed.  Even today, tombs, artifacts, anything of historical value to some other group, is being destroyed.

So, here we are in the 21st Century and trying to get along with fanatics that are locked into the 7th Century.   Are they compatible?  No, they’re not…and not because we in the 21st Century wouldn’t accept them, but because those barbarians from the 7th Century won’t accept us.  It’s rather one-sided when you get to thinking about it, isn’t it?   We cannot, however, go out and have mass executions as they do…that’s simply not the “Western” way.   The concept of “turn the other cheek” is not going to work with these people either…when you turn your head they’re going to try to cut it off…that’s what they do.  We cannot also round them up and put them in concentration camps while we sort out who’s who…but that might turn out to be the last resort.  People more brilliant than I am are working on this problem and it will be interesting to see the plan when it’s proposed.   In the meantime, wake up America, your country needs you…desperately.


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