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Are you a private property owner in the great state of Tennessee? Do you own private property, a home and/or residence in Wilson County Tennessee? Many property owners, private property owners and homeowners, do not know their rights as a private property owner under the Constitution of the United States! Many private property owners never worry about these types of lolls, therefore, they never have the opportunity or a reason to look into the constitutional rights they are granted as private property owners/homeowners.

The Constitution of the United States was prepared to protect the rights of property owners, home/resident owners. These laws were not built into the Constitution as merely an afterthought, these laws were placed in the Constitution deliberately by Mr. Adams, Mr. Webster, as well as several other constitutional framers to protect against the atrocities committed by the rulers, kings and queens in countries from which the pilgrims come in from abroad had to suffer before common to the new country, AMERICA.
The framers of the Constitution were men of whom had suffered, had experienced the invasion upon their private property/homes in many of the old countries in Europe, these people set out to find and build a new land that would enjoy freedom, freedom to own property, personal property and to live a life without retribution! That new land these founders built centuries ago is now THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Wilson County Tennessee is a fast-growing County in middle Tennessee where homes range from five figures to over seven figures(1,000,000). The real estate market is booming with the influx of families as well as young people, buying property and building new homes. These people are looking for an area that has good government, good law enforcement voted and elected by the people, for the people.

Wilson County Tennessee has experienced much of the same, “Good-ole Boy” approach for many many years, high over, age and growth has diminished that concept to some degree. Many of the elected officials, as well as, hired employees or never ask or required to know constitutional law, therefore, private property infringement is prevalent and practiced consistently. No one has ever challenged hired employees by the county, or local city and County regarding private property owners rights under the Constitution of THE United States OF AMERICA.
As a journalist located in Wilson County Tennessee, owning real estate property and a residence, I approached over 100 Wilson County residents and ask if they were aware of the constitutional LAWS granted to them as homeowners and private property owners, only six stated they were slightly aware of property owner/homeowner rights. Three out of the number of people I spoke with, were real estate agents, license to sell real estate in the state of Tennessee. Perhaps I should have spoken with more people, consequently, most of the people I spoke with, failed to acknowledge the vital importance of knowing the private property, private homeowners constitutional rights.

In most states, and I have lived and owned private property in nine states, health code inspectors as well as property inspectors. These people are hired by the county and or hired by a city. The responsibility of the codes inspector is to check for permits such as building permits, improvement permits, digging permits such as septic tanks and drains. Property inspectors are responsible for ensuring the safety and county codes as set down by the legal authorities of the county.

The responsibilities of property inspectors and building inspectors does not include entering the private property owners property, inspecting the property owners private property or the enforcement of federal and state laws. This means these County and city employees do not have the right to enter private property without a warrant issued by a court of law judge. If a complaint is made regarding a private property and or residence, the complaint must be filed with city, county and/or state law enforcement. Law enforcement, with they warned in hand, has the right to legally enter private property/residence in order to address the complaint filed against the property owner or resident.

As a private owner, private property owner/ resident, you have the right to protect your property and disallow entrance to and on your property. Your property must be posted with signs stating, “Private property, stay out.” Basically, what this means, is no one can enter your private property without your permission or without a warrant signed by a judge.


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