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During his campaign, President Trump said his team was being illegally wiretapped by the Obama regime and he was mocked for it.  Now Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has admitted that they were spying on the Trump campaign.  He justifies this with claims that they were doing so “for his protection” from Russian operatives.  After her campaign claimed they were hacked by the Russians no one put any spies in the Hillary campaign.  President Trump is saying this is a violation of the law more extreme than any scandal in history.

Democrats are doing all they can to obstruct the Trump administration and lay a smoke screen for their duplicity.  Chuck Schumer is saying Trump is revealing this to hinder the Mueller investigation.  Since Mueller is investigating the impossibility of Russia hacking the election, instead turning his investigation into violating the 4th Amendment rights of Trumpsters to convict them on erroneous charges, trying to form a case for obstruction, and working to entrap Trump in a perjury trap, claiming this is interference is just more smoke blown in the people’s faces.

Democrats, who obfuscate and conflate the truth with falsehoods, (such as claiming Trump can’t be caught in a perjury trap so long as he tells the truth, which is not the definition of a perjury trap that is nothing more than declaring the rephrasing of a truthful answer in a different way as perjury), leave President Trump no choice but to put spies into the Democrat campaigns “for their protection” from Russian agents.  Perhaps then the truth will be revealed.  The president needs to declassify all documents regarding the Obama regime’s spying on Republicans and reveal how Mueller has been the one obstructing justice with his smoke screen.

Evil has many tools by which to engage in deception.  Lying and repetitive lying until it is believed, misdirection, obfuscation, conflating facts, mockery of the truth, character assassination, entrapment, and framing the innocent for crimes they did not commit is just the beginning of how criminals deceive people.  There are criminals at all levels of society from the poorest to the most powerful.  Obama used what power he had as a dictator and installed people into positions of power to exercise his will.  If anyone thinks that Obama was not aware of or did not order the spying on the Trump campaign just because there is no paper trail to follow who are they fooling besides themselves?  Do criminals leave evidence of their crimes?  Do they confess?  Only on liberal television shows.

Hillary destroyed the evidence of her crimes on her illegal servers while under subpoena.  Only by the corruption of the Democrat/RINO Deep State was she able to skate by without being charged.  Obama’s nefarious dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood and the world’s terrorist regimes have gone uninvestigated and unpunished and probably will be left to God to deal with him.  People like to believe that good always triumphs over evil, but in human conflicts evil succeeds as often as good.  If that were not the case, then America would never have needed the services of a true Christian conservative American patriot like Donald Trump.

Democrats have a long history of spying on and imprisoning righteous Americans.  They did it to Martin Luther King, Jr., they did it to those of Japanese descent in WWII, and they did it to every Republican under the Obama regime.  Obama’s director of the CIA, John Brennan, was an avowed communist and converted to Islam under Obama.  How does America trust Democrats when they side with America’s enemies?  Because they say they are for America?  Yeah, and Ted Bundy said he was a great supporter of beautiful women.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Democrats demanding Republicans condemn Trump over their trumped-up charges of racism, sexism, and Russian collusion are saying that those who don’t are violating morality. These liberals who lack a moral compass haven’t the first clue how obvious their lies and machinations have become.  Trying to set up Trump with a perjury trap and frame Nunes for Democrat leaks about putting a spy in the Trump campaign is just the surface of their immorality.

You can expect there will be liberals who are so stupid that they believe they can pass off their lie that spies were there to “protect” Trump from Russians when they’ve spent the past year and a half saying they have proof Trump worked with the Russians yet have produced bupkis.  There are a hundred Democrats that should be being prosecuted and heading for prison from Obama on down.  Democrats, who used America’s intelligence agencies to spy on Republicans rather than foreign terrorists, are inferring that Trump investigating them is a violation of trust.  Democrats, who are saying Trump has become the swamp – ARE the SWAMP!  So what are they trying to say?  That Trump has become a Democrat?  ROTFLMAO!

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