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America is a wonderful bubble in the rest of the world for as long as it lasts. The rest of the world is in pain, lots of pain. Just about everywhere else you go people are sick, starving and in chains. Given that reality, it doesn’t make any sense to invite others to our bubble as the likely outcome would be that in time the bubble would be gone for anyone but that story is for another time.

Just because America is a bubble in a cosmos of pain doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of pain to go around within our self-made bubble. We are constantly bombarded by acts of nature and mankind that make us question the universe and our place in it. Most importantly if there is a creator then why would he allow any of it much less the level of pain and suffering in America or the rest of the planet.

The answer to that question is actually quite simple, the earth is ruled over by the Devil.

As tradition tells us Lucifer was Gods favorite angel and even his name describes him as the light bringer or morning star. Lucifer, just like all the other angels is Gods son and a scenario we see played out in many families on earth is that of the rebellious son who goes against his father’s teachings. This son of God must have been able to make some pretty valid points as one-third of his brothers decided to follow him instead of God.

As it turned out the way it often does on earth, Gods son screwed up and had to pay for his sins. His punishment, of course, was to be permanently tossed out of heaven. Ouch.

Now, of course, Lucifer could have just wandered aimlessly across the cosmos but instead, God gave him the earth to run. After all, Lucifer was his favorite son but he was also clearly a very good deceiver if he could convince 1/3 of his brothers to rebel against their father. I mean seriously how did these wayward sons think that was going to turn out?

And what is Lucifer’s mandate on earth? To punish the wicked. And how does Lucifer determine who is wicked? He does so by tempting them and by weakening their resolve through trails. Trails can vary by giving you everything you ever wanted to take away everything you’ve ever cherished.

It would appear that this life is a trail in an of itself to test our loyalty to God and if you can’t be loyal to God then the Devil is happy to take you. What Lucifer does with you once he has you is really anyone’s guess but the prognosis is not pleasant. Again his mandate is to punish the wicked not put them on a nude beach somewhere with a beer and a hot member of the opposite sex.

If you compare your life on earth with everlasting life after death it is clear that this life is but a notation in our existence. According to all spiritual accounts how you live in Satan’s realm determines how you exist in the afterlife.

Yes there is a lot of pain and suffering on earth and perhaps that is exactly the way God meant it to be and if that is true perhaps the only question you should be asking is whether you are going to pass the test or not.

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